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Review: Sensitives & Guardians By C. Evenfall



Libby Carter Martin has struggled her entire adult life to put her childhood and a dark past behind her. After a decade, a sudden death takes her and her daughter, Shyanne, back to her childhood home. Shyanne does not want to go and resists, imploring her mother not to force her. When Libby insists, Shyanne demands that her imaginary playmate make the trip with the rest of the family. Libby soon learns that a harmless childish notion is much more than it seems.

As Libby unburies certain truths about her family, she comes to realize that she possesses certain bizarre abilities that she does not understand. Even more shocking is the insight that her young daughter has gifts that surpass her own. The dark entity that has haunted her family for a century manifests itself to Shyanne. The memory of her own childhood encounter panics Libby.

With the help of an old family friend, Libby uncovers long-buried, sinister secrets and overcomes a gripping fear that has held her back her entire life. If she does not unlock the powers inside herself, she could lose Shyanne to the dark man forever.

Great story and great read. amazing plot starting back in the 1940s. Characters are beautiful and amazingly progress throughout the story

4 Stars


Its a beautiful paranormal story about some people that come together when they are in college and two of them (Sheyenne and Drake) that had such a strong connection meet back up ten years later to investigate paranormal activities at a house where the sensitive/medium(Sheyenne) finds out all she can about the haunting and what is truly going on in that house. Sheyenne starts to find herself and open up to her abilities instead of hiding them and herself.

The character of Sheyenne is such a powerful person . Watching/Listening to her progress through the story is amazing. And how she opens up to Drake in the end and lets him in is beautiful.

Plot and story are set in current times. Its very believable and just flows wonderfully as a story you cannot put down.

5 Stars

C. Evenfall grew up in a small fishing village in Eastern North Carolina. The area was rich with history, ghost stories, and unexplained phenomenon, all fodder for the vivid imaginings of a young girl. She began “collecting” stories at a young age. At age six, C. Evenfall experienced the paranormal firsthand and has been seeking answers ever since. Her fascination with the unexplained and her love for old family ghost stories inspired her to write a collection of novellas, each inspired by the experiences passed down through her family for generations. She resides on the Carolina Coast with her husband, a self-proclaimed skeptic. She loves him anyway and the two complement each other perfectly.

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The author, C Evenfall, interviews Dr. David Glencannon

AUTHOR: Dr. Glencannon, where did you earn your doctorate in parapsychology?
DR. GLENCANNON: I don’t have a doctorate in parapsychology.
AUTHOR: Excuse me; I thought you taught parapsychology at Duke University.
DR. GLENCANNON: That is a misconception. There is no such thing as a doctorate in parapsychology…there are no degrees or diploma programs for that matter. My accreditations are all in the field of psychology, and that is what I teach at Duke. I do however study parapsychological phenomenon and have for many years. I have given several lectures on the subject of hauntings but my forte is clairvoyance, extra sensory perception, and telepathy.
AUTHOR: I’m a little embarrassed Dr. Glencannon, I misunderstood. Please forgive me.
DR. GLENCANNON: There is no need to apologize my dear, please, call me David.
AUTHOR: So does that make you a parapsychologist?
DAVID: Well, parapsychology is branch, if you will, of psychology. We investigate and study all types of psychic phenomena. To answer your question, Yes, I am a parapsychologist but again, there are no accreditations to go with the title. The study of such subject matter is up to the individual. Those of us who spend our lives in pursuit of knowledge in these areas are often scorned by our peers.
AUTHOR: So, tell me then, why have you dedicated most of your career to paranormal investigation?
DAVID: (David looks incredulous) Because I have seen overwhelming evidence that these phenomena exist! Every great discovery in every field of science started with theory. Now, a scientist’s belief in his theory is not enough to convince the world that his discovery is fact…so a scientist often spends his life in pursuit of evidence that will prove his theory to the world.
AUTHOR: So, you teamed up with Drake Monroe to gather evidence that proves your theory that hauntings do exist.
DAVID: Precisely!
AUTHOR: You mentioned that some of your areas of interest include clairvoyance, and telepathy, but that you lecture on hauntings. Do you care to explain?
DAVID: Investigations of hauntings usually involve the services of people who claim to possess certain psychic abilities. Though I am most interested in the phenomena of ghosts, I am fascinated by those who are able to communicate with them.
AUTHOR: Do you mean psychic mediums? Sensitives?
DAVID: Yes, exactly. There are so few people out there who actually possess any real abilities although there are several who claim they do.
AUTHOR: So, which category would Shyanne Martin fall into?
DAVID: Shyanne is genuine and extremely unique. I have never encountered a person quite like her. Unfortunately, Shyanne is very private about her abilities.
AUTHOR: Why is that unfortunate?
DAVID: Well, it is unfortunate for someone like me who would like nothing more than to learn from her. I would think that she would be interested to know more about her abilities, but she doesn’t seem to be…it doesn’t make any sense to me.
AUTHOR: How would Shyanne benefit from being studied by parapsychologists?
DAVID: (David stammers a little, looking for the right words) Well, for one thing, it could help her to understand her abilities more. Learn her limits.
AUTHOR: Are you aware that a man who possessed the same types of abilities coached Shyanne when she was young? It could be that she feels that she already has an understanding of what she is capable of.
DAVID: (David shakes his head, obviously growing agitated) She has absolutely no concept of the valuable information she could provide to the parapsychological community! Absolutely none! I think it’s extremely selfish of her to withhold that from the world.
After I saw her in action in Leland, I made some phone calls and had a study all set-up. We were going to pay her to participate but she turned us down flat.
AUTHOR: Forgive me David, but isn’t it possible that she is just not interested in being studied? Maybe she just wants to use her gifts to help people.
DAVID: (David sighs deeply) I’m not saying that what she did for that family wasn’t a good thing, and using her talents to help people is noble! I am the first to admit that.
AUTHOR: Has she not been on several investigations with your team since then?
DAVID: She has, and for that, I am very grateful. Unfortunately, one of the stipulations for her participation is that we keep her involvement quiet. Although I use the evidence that we gather on these investigations in my lectures, I do not reveal her name and we alter her voice and image in the recordings to keep her identity secret.
AUTHOR: Do you have a contractual agreement then?
DAVID: (David smiles and chuckles) We have a handshake agreement, and if I’m nothing else, I am a man of my word.
AUTHOR: David, our meeting today has been extremely interesting and insightful. I look forward to talking with you again if I may.
DAVID: I would like that very much Ms. Evenfall.

First novella in The Wraith Of Carter’s Mill series. Ebook only.
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Second novella in The Wraith Of Carter’s Mill series. Ebook only.
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Third novella in The Wraith Of Carter’s Mill series.
Coming soon!

Available in paperback only, a compilation of the three novellas with a 4th additional story, and extra author-character interviews.
To be published after Sensitives, The Guardians, and The Forgotten!



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  1. Thank you so much for the kind reviews and for having us here today. I am very excited about this series and find myself a little "bummed out" if you will that it is drawing to a close. I feel as if I was just really starting to get to know some of the characters and now it feels as if they are moving away. I appreciate the beautiful spotlight, and I will be around today if any of your fans would like to ask any questions.