Sunday, February 14, 2021

REVIEW: The Winter Of My Love By J.L. Lora

Spencer Grayson’s structured world is collapsing. The surrogate he hired to carry his and his late wife’s child has gone missing and the wrong woman is inseminated. There weren’t supposed to be loose ends in this transaction, but it’s turning into a zero-sum game he can’t afford to lose.

Artist Winter Alexander has painted a perfect picture for her life. But when a routine procedure results in an accidental pregnancy, the realistic portrait she painted turns surreal. It’s an error she can't brush away with a tube of titanium-white, no matter how much she might want to. Especially not when the Grayson is determined she become his substitute surrogate.

To Grayson, Winter is an abstract piece, a collection of soulful shapes and swirls he’s hopelessly mesmerized by. One he wouldn’t have envisioned in his life before. Winter finds Grayson controlling at first, but beneath those cold eyes lies a longing, a torch of desire and vulnerability that makes her agree to things she’d never considered.

They embark on a 40-week journey in the name of a child, navigating through a sea of self-doubt, conflicting emotions and rising feelings. When these nine months are over, will Grayson be able to convince Winter to make him and the baby part of her picture-perfect landscape? What happens next is something neither of them sees coming. 

 Oh this was an amazing Book i read one of this authors other novels in this series and this one puts it to shame. 

  It pulled at my heart strings and had me in constant tears at the end for chapters because of all the emotions going on in this book.

  I absolutely love Grayson, at first he comes off as very straight forward and serious but as u see the relationship between him and Winter open and explore you see how sweet and wonderfully romantic of a man he is.

  He is so my favorite character by far. Love love love him.

 This author is amazing with writing these entailed characters and different plotlines. I love how its not just one type of characters rich or well off or mediocre living people its a mix of both for the couples in her story and it balance's the story out seeing out different the characters are and how it compliments each other.

 Love her writing style.

J. L. Lora is a Dominican-American author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Her stories explore the dark side of good characters—people living in the gray areas of life—playing the cards life has dealt them. Her stories manifest her love for badass alpha heroines and take-your-breath-away alpha men.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

REVIEW: The Autumn You Became Mine By J. L. Lora



I’ve never walked away from a fight in my life…until Lauren said we didn’t have a chance. Then I ran back to the underworld.

Racing? I’m revved for it. Boxing? I never pull my punches. Gambling? I’m all in. The chips fall, I get knocked down and end up in Baltimore. Now, I’m back in front of the woman imprinted in my heart since I was a kid, who sent me spiraling twice. Will the odds be in my favor if I bet on her again?


Guerrera a la guerra. Warrior goes to war. That’s my motto. I fight battles every day, tackling them in my choice of armor, velvet red lipstick, and honey-gold eyeshadow. I am going to build my business. Nothing and no one will get in my way. My problem? I can never say no to Chase Blake. Even when he shatters my world as he does my soul. He’s back, and I won’t let him distract me when I’m so close to my dream.

When my life implodes, I’m forced to face my truth. He’s in my heart and staying there. Can I trust him not to wreck me again?
Oh man this author definitely takes you on a trip into their world full of drama adventure Sex fighting turmoil and love. I cannot wait to read the next book I have for this author. She is absolutely amazing at puling you into the story of all the characters not just the two main ones but all the supporting characters as well.

Lauren is such an interesting character she does so much for everyone with no regard for herself even though her life crumbles around her. But that pride is what is killing her and her family. She tears at my heartstrings with how much her family puts her through and she just does whatever they say because they are family and she wants to be closer.

All her friends are amazing and wonderful but definitely dont get where she is coming from poor vs the rich and all.

Chase oh my ….what can I say about him other than yum and ooh lala. He's sexy romantic sweet and has loved her since he was 13. He's reckless, stupid, full of himself but the perfect guy for her and I constantly wanted her to just let him in.

5 stars all the way

J. L. Lora is a Dominican-American author of contemporary and romantic suspense. Her stories explore the dark side of good characters—people living in the gray areas of life—playing the cards life has dealt them. Her stories manifest her love for badass alpha heroines and take-your-breath-away alpha men.

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Monday, January 25, 2021

REVIEW: Mindcracker By Braden Bell, Brandon Gray

At sixteen, Molly is already the best bloody thought-snatcher in Victorian London, picking people’s minds and selling their secrets.

When her growing talent captures the attention of a brutal criminal, Molly flees. Her escape is unexpectedly aided by a mysterious figure who promises to protect Molly—if she will break into the only unbreakable mind in London: Sir Edward Carlton, lockbox for Her Majesty’s Government.

Desperate to escape, Molly agrees, gaining entry to Sir Edward’s house, mind, and his mysterious, haunting memories. Sneaking into his thoughts each night is easy—at first. But before long, Molly suspects she’s being manipulated and finds herself trapped in a tangled web, unable to tell friends from enemies who blackmail, kidnap, and murder with ease.

Soon, Molly must choose between her life and the lives of those she loves—or use her wits and growing psychic powers to change the rules of a game she barely understands.
I have reviewed for this author before so I was very happy to review for him again.

This book was no suprize in the full of excitement and fun filled story.

This was full of intrigue and mystery I had no clue what was going to happen next in this novel.

The beginning starts a lil slowly but once it gets going you cant put it down.

Molly is this wonderful amazing character that just struggles in life in general and hasn't really had a way to hone her powers or explore them until she gets put into a forced situation with Edward and his cousin who help her hone her skills somewhat.

Edward oh my he is such a droolworthy characters.

I wont add spoilers but I didn't expect at all who her parents were and what would happen between her ad Edward. Such a  surprising page turner this was.

I was in such tears at the end of the book with her St. Teddy and Edward. So emotional and heart wrenching.

4 stars


Friday, January 8, 2021

REVIEW: Relic (The Relic Trilogy:Book 1) By Bronwyn Eley

A fatal job. A deadly jewel. How long will Kaylan survive?

Snatched from her life as a blacksmith, Kaylan Rove is forced to become the Shadow: the personal servant of a ruthless and powerful lord.

But Lord Rennard himself isn’t the threat. It’s the Relic he wears around his neck – a stone that protects his bloodline, but poisons everyone else in its proximity. Kaylan’s life becomes a waking nightmare as the Relic slowly destroys her body and mind.

But just as hope begins to fade, she discovers a rebel plot that might put an end to Rennard’s rule…

If you like dark fantasy, strong heroines, slow-burning tension and plot twists that will leave you reeling, check out Relic, the first book in the addictive YA fantasy series The Relic Trilogy.

This was such an amazing fantasy novel. I have not read one of this quality and magnitude since I was a teenager. I couldn't put this down.

I just love Kaylan strong yet vulnerable, shy yet outspoken, happy but sad. Doing everything for the love of her family. To protect all her brothers and her mother.

The lord of the hunt oh my Markus  yumminess' just love his character and love the two of them together. Such fiery passion and caring between them even though all they do is kiss.

All the mayhem and fantasy of this story along with the magic from the relic mixed with emotions going all over from Kaylan and what she is suffering from dealing with the relic.

The path she follows in this story is amazing. The ending I just never expected it and the things that lead into what the next book will entail. I cannot share spoilers but this is a must read.

5 stars

I've been writing my whole life but it was only in the last few years that it occurred to me that I could do this for a living!

I spend a lot of my time reading (obviously). Fantasy, particularly, is where I live and breath, but I'm up for anything!

I've spent some time in the military, studied Linguistics at university and travelled a lot. I am obsessed with all things medieval, music, my fitness and my dog Ruby.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

REVIEW:Blood Wail By Jae Mazer

Every night, sisters Saoirse and Imogen beg their Dadai to read to them from an old storybook, Tales from Ramnon. They’re entranced by the mythical creatures described within its weathered pages. But when tragedy devastates their blissful childhood, the book is closed, and the sisters are forced to cope with a loss darker than they could have ever imagined.

As Saoirse and Imogen grow into adults, they attempt to navigate their lives in County Cork, Ireland. But phantoms from their past have followed them, lurking in the shadows and wailing in the night. In desperation, one sister turns to drugs to quiet the horrors, while the other embarks on a journey to seek answers from the fables and myths of their childhood.   

BLOOD WAIL is a folk horror story about addiction, loss and pain, family and love, and the possibility of creatures beyond our understanding.  

Sometimes the stories are real.

This was a wonderful novel that I was unsure but curious about reading. Very foreign and intriguing start to it. It builds the basis of the story on family and children yearing to have their father tell them folk tales or stories.

All the different stories and creatures that you learn and hear about in these stories he tells are so amazing. These stories make you wonder what is real and what id folk or imaginary. It leaves your curious nature wondering.

This author has a darker side to her storytelling and I absolutley love that. Its so very rare you come across darker not happy perfect ending stories.

I will definitely be looking for more by this author

4 stars

Jae Mazer is a Canadian who was born in Victoria, British Columbia, and grew up in the prairies of Northern Alberta. After spending the majority of her life in the Great White North, she migrated south to Texas. She is a connoisseur and creator of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Many moons ago, a rampant love of reading led her to believe she could weave a good tale herself, and now she is an award-winning author with ten novels under her belt, as well as stories published in various anthologies.