Monday, February 10, 2020

REVIEW:The Solicitor's Son by Rachael Anderson

At the end of her third season, Miss Sophia Gifford is firmly on the shelf. She’s determined to accept her current suitor—a man she likes but cannot love.

When her sister decides to throw an impromptu summer house party, Sophia reluctantly agrees to help. What she doesn’t realize is that her sister has plans of her own—plans that would bring a certain childhood friend back into Sophia’s life.

It’s been nearly a decade since Sophia has seen Hugh Quinton. He’s grown into a handsome, charming, and successful—yet completely unacceptable—tradesman. Her mother looks down on him, her father detests him, and society would snub him in an instant. Sophia shouldn’t even consider him. But her heart won’t listen to reason, and before long, she finds herself wondering how much she is willing to sacrifice for love.
I am a big fan of all Rachel Anderson novels so I was very excited to read this. Her writing style is amazing. Her novels are full of handsome men drama and romance what is not to love?

This is the third book in this series and it is fun to see the progression with these characters. Sophia sees her childhood friend after many years separation. They used to be best of friends. But Sophia is being courted by two different men at a house party her sister has set up. What Sophie doesn’t realize is that her dear friend has been invited because Prudence (her sister) is meddling and knows that Sophia at least once had strong feelings for Her friend, Hugh.

I've really enjoyed the Serendipity series and have been looking forward to reading Sophia's story for quite a while now. With her family estate in jeopardy, family pressure, she is left with little choice but to marry. I liked Sophia, she was easy to root for, she came across as believable and relatable. I also really enjoyed Hugh's character, we get some of his point of view (I wouldn't have minded more) and their interactions are always full of emotion and draws you in. I love a good forbidden love story and these two by society's standards shouldn't even be friends! I loved their friendship and felt that connection between them early on. It was fun to see how their story unfolds. We also get to catch up with characters from the previous books which is always nice.

Overall, a very pleasant, sweet regency. I enjoyed the summer house party aspect and being away from the busy London season. Fun setting, good characters and well written. Would recommend to any regency fan.

4 stars
A USA Today bestselling author of clean romance, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can't sing, doesn't dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

REVIEW:Possessed (Pagan Light #1) by JoAnne Keltner

Calling Jackie psychic makes her cringe. But Jackie’s no normal seventeen-year-old. She picks up emotions from people and objects like a freak. The emotions make her sick, and the guilt she feels for lying to her church when she was twelve causes her to deny her psychic abilities.But when her jealous friend Trish invites a demon to help her steal Jason's love for Jackie, Jackie must learn how to use her gift to protect Jason and herself and to heal the negative energies around them. To do so means she must overcome her guilt and accept who she is before the demon claims her soul. 

I had a hard time getting into this book at first. It goes a bit slow and doesn't capture your interest at the beginning but once u keep reading it is great.

In order to hide her psychic abilities, Jackie lies about what happened that day in church and continues to denounce her abilities. In order to get people to leave her alone, Jackie turns goth and standoffish, making her unapproachable. When things take an evil turn, her past is suddenly revealed, and her lies are no longer a secret. In order to repair the damage from the demon conjured by an inexperienced girl, Jackie must embrace her gift.

Jackie is also approached by a newcomer in her family's church. Handsome and polite, he seems to think that even though Jackie isn't allowed in the church, she may be able to help with a problem. Only after she learns how to use her abilities will the truth about demons and her previous issues at the church become known.

Possessed (formerly known as Goth Girl Virgin Queen) is a unique take on a teenage psychic. Jackie's religious upbringing doesn't allow for the belief in psychic abilities. Unable to come to terms with her abilities, she shuns people and crowds the best she can. Jackie lets the guilt of her lies consume her instead of embracing who she really is. Her walls come crashing down after a person she thought was her friend summons a demon out of jealousy. Everything snowballs from there, leading her to admit her lies and deal with the consequences while trying to save her friend Jason and his family.

3 stars

 Keltner is the author of YA Paranormal novels Obsession (Musa Publishing, 2013 ed.), Goth Girl Virgin Queen (Solstice Publishing, 2015), Possessed (2019, Pagan Light Book 1), and Spellbound (2019, Pagan Light Book 2). She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she enjoys gardening, baking, and spending time with family. Every evening you will find her obsessively streaming popular TV shows. She is currently working on the next Pagan Light series book. 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

REVIEW: This Time (Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter #1) by Azaaa Davis

Legendary demon hunter Nadira Holden paid the ultimate price to end the war between demons and hunters.

Resurrected in present-day New York, many years have passed, everyone moved on without her, and the demons she once battled have made peace with humans. Nadira no longer has a purpose here. Dying again might be her ticket back to that “next life” she experienced.

Except humans are disappearing, and Nadira’s father is one of the missing. Feeling a strong obligation to find him before sorting out her own fate, she begins investigating.

She won't rest in peace unless she can prove the demons are behind the disappearances. But Nadira is running out of time. The darkness within her is causing her to lose her humanity while the rest of mankind is on the verge of enslavement to the demons they now worship.

Fight with Nadira in a new urban fantasy series that combines monster-slaying action, family drama, and simmering romance. Experience why not even death can stop her.

Fans of Vampire Hunter Anita Blake, Succubus Georgina Kincaid, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Vampire Death Dealer Selene are possessed and eagerly awaiting the next book by fantasy author Azaaa Davis.
   Azaaa asked me to review her novel for her and I am so utterly glad I did. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down, I was reading it any chance I got. She doesn't disappoint at all, most books I find I think are way too short and there could be more to it. But no this author creates this world full or creatures and humans and hybrids. The story unfolds beautifully and has an amazing plot with beginning middle and end that doesn't leave you wanting.

  Nadira is a monster/demon hunter that was killed 25 years ago and get awakened. She soon learns of Rochelle a soul she shares her body with and that things have changed drastically since she died. The love of her life moved on with his, her father was kidnapped, and there is a treaty with demons where humans know of them and think they are a punished species, Victim to the demon hunters that murder and torture them.

  Everything in her world has been turned upside down, she doesn't know who to trust or what comes next in her life when her fellow demon hunters didn't protect their world.

  I absolutely cannot wait to read book 2 in this series and I hope and pray there is more in this series from this author.

  5 stars 

 Davis is an American author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels.

She fell in love with reading as a high school freshman and continues to read, write, and draw today. Her background in social work helps her portray realistic characters in otherworldly--and sometimes terrifying--situations. A New York native, Azaaa currently lives in New Hampshire (USA) with her husband and daughters.

She debuted with This Time, A Nadira Holden Novel, in 2018 about demon hunters, family ties and the magic of love. Azaaa is working diligently to finish writing more fantasy novels while raising her daughters. Thank you for showing an interest in her stories! 

Saturday, December 14, 2019

REVIEW: Forged Purity (Young Adult Dystopian Romance): The City of Eyes Book One Kindle Edition by Louise Rachel Malhi

If you like The Hunger Games crossed with The Maze Runner, with the romantic elements of Twilight, this is for you. . .

When he is the only person who can’t be seen…

In a dark reality run by Media UK, everyone’s life is put on display for entertainment. Nobody escapes being filmed, and nobody questions the system. Until seventeen-year-old Adele Jones gets forced into their covert experiment...her memories manipulated and twisted as part of a grand test.

She must escape the experiment, before she is pushed to the brink of insanity. But to do this, hidden away from the city’s watchful eyes, she needs help. And there is only one option…

…Jason Highbridge – the one person who can’t be filmed. A guy with dark secrets more powerful than Media UK itself.

But will Jason’s unhinged nature get the better of her before she can escape?

Young Adult, futuristic thriller based on science fiction, containing mild dystopian themes

Mild language, mild graphic scenes, suitable for age 14 plus

Additional information

This story includes adventure, mystery, forbidden love, with plenty of twists and turns. It questions the morality of the money-grabbing media, and touches on the themes of the heavy reliance on technology, a big brother style world, genetic experimentation and drug development.

"Great dystopian thriller from a debut novelist"

"This book is primarily aimed at the teenage market but ultimately transgress to the wider reading audience such as myself. The story is set in the not too distant future and the author touches on how much control the media has over it's citizens and more importantly the government (Sounds familiar?)
It is a fast pace story featuring two protaganists and a six month timeline, jumping forwards and backwards. You are left wondering what is happening until the end for the big reveal. The ending of the story leads the way towards the next book, and i for one will look forward to it."

An amazing futuristic dystopian thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat! Full of action, adventure, mystery, suspense and forbidden love, once you start this you will not be putting it down! Fast paced with it’s great characters this is a highly entertaining story that you should read.

Adele Jones is an amazing character that has to fight a group called Media UK on her freedom and her life. To keep them from trapping her and everyone else.

After tragedy and a life without the one she loves. She went into a deep depression going from a group of friends to just one eccentric friend that she lives with.

 This thrilling romantic mystery book will leave you begging for more with its intense and exciting moments of intrigue, and mystery. If you plan on reading this book let me warn you now, you might as well clear your entire schedule for you won't be able to put it down. The author not only does an extraordinary job of drawing the readers in, she also transports you to a whole new world. A very well written, and thrilling read. Outstanding job Louise. You have left me breathless. 

This is one amazing author. She definitely has a flair for the futuristic fantasy novels. She is definitely an author to watch out for.

4 stars

Louise Rachel Malhi was born 31st July 1990, sharing the birthday of the most incredible author and wizard to date! She graduated from Coventry University in England as a Dietitian in 2012. Her current day job is working in medical nutrition for a pharmaceutical company. The kind when your gut stops working and you need your food put into your veins, literally speaking...

Louise had an incessant need to write in her spare time, and was very much a fan of books that allowed escapism. Her passion for young adult fiction led her to completing her debut novel Forged Purity. The innocent and novel experiences teenagers go through, interlaced with dystopian/supernatural/futuristic worlds makes everything a lot sexier than mundane adulthood!

Follow Louise as she embarks on her new journey.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

REVIEW: Broken Last Chance Series - Book 4 By A.L. Long

What would you do for Love!!!
"No one would ever know just how much I was willing to give up."

There are things in life that no one should have to go through and Alannah had her fair share. With no chance of escape, being under the control of a man as ruthless as Winston Nelson was her life now. Every day was longer than the one before it and her hopes of ever seeing the one man she loved more than life itself was slowly disappearing.

When Winston Nelson decides to leave Last Chance for good, a window of opportunity opens and Alannah knows she has only one chance to escape. Her freedom comes at a price. Is she willing to risk her life?

Another great teaser in this book series. Its a great book but ends on a big cliffhanger. Made me growl because I just wanted the read the next book. Definite Page turner.

Lanie is kidnapped and tortured by Winston and a mystery man. The things they do to her to pervert her mind to their will is horrifying. She is drugged and starts losing everything all because of them.

This really brings into perspective the reality of what can happen in a lifestyle relationship or situation. How not every dom or master is good decent and trustworthy.I really like that aspect of this story.

Lanie is such an amazing character and I just adore Roman. He is her knight in shining armor. He has brought her out of her shell and accepts her for her shy yet feisty personality instead of trying to force her to be how he wants.

I cant wait for the last book in this series and I pray that Winston and his boys get whats coming to them in the end.

4 stars

Award winning Author of the Independent Press Award and NYC Big Book Award. A.L. Long is also the recipient of the National Indie Excellence Award.

My love for writing began several years ago after an early retirement from a demanding job that I loved, but also hated because it consumed so much of my time. Now, I am able to focus my time on what I love. Writing romance has been a life long dream and to actually say that I am a published author is beyond what I would have ever expected.

Even though some may say I have a little naughtiness in my books, I look at it as an added bonus for my readers. After all what is a romance book without a little spice.

When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with friends either at home or out on the town. Mostly, I enjoy a relaxing night at home where I can enjoy a glass of wine in the company of a good book.