Monday, November 24, 2014

Blog Tour: Destiny By Celia Breslin

The Vampires of the Tranquilli Bloodline Series

Hi Everyone!

Let’s talk vampires, shall we?

As a reader and writer of vampire fiction, I love that every writer has her own unique spin on our fangy friends. Some vampires sparkle in the sun while others disintegrate or burst into flames. Some are alive and aging while others are immortal and/or undead. Some fight for Team Awesome and others for Team Horrible.

Here’s the lowdown on my vampires, the inhabitants of The Tranquilli Bloodline Series...

*  My vampires are undead. If they choose, they can make their hearts beat and their lungs breathe. It amuses them to play human every once in a while.

*  They’re nocturnal creatures, sensitive to sunlight. Prolonged exposure results in true death. Most older vamps can tolerate some sun but you’ll never find them frolicking on a sunny beach.

* They’re “allergic” to silver. Silver bullets can temporarily knock out young vampires, but older ones will shake it off in a heartbeat and eviscerate you where you stand. Consider yourself warned. ;-)

* My vampires survive on human blood only (no animal blood), straight from a living host or stored. They can also consume alcohol.

*  All my vamps are equipped with a basic set of vamp-y skills including heightened senses and super strength. They can glamour and compel most humans and some vampires. Some ancients possess unique skills not necessarily associated with vampirism. Older vamps can hurt/kill/torture with power alone, though they do love to get physical. For example, Stella (Carina’s bodyguard) and Jonas (Carina’s mentor) are both quite fond of swords.

* Most vampires in my world run in gangs. The Tranquilli vampire cosca (Italian for “gang” or “clan”) is the most powerful of them all.

*  Lastly, whether they sport the label Good or Evil, my vampires are passionate, fiercely protective, possessive, and loyal. They’ll do whatever it takes to protect the ones they love.

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