Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Case of the Bedtime Bandit by Tangerin Toodles and Wednesday Whistlehoot Illustrated by Kathrina Iris

Cute childrens book about Ellie(a child) and Ace (her pet dog) that are aspiring detectives that solve a case in their town where there are bandits messing up everybodies yards,and house. Who the bandits are is quite a suprize to say the least.
Very well written . Would be easy for a child to read and understand. adorable illistrations that go along with it.

5 stars

other books in the ellie and ace series:

The case of the Pinched Peaches
The case of the Mixed-up Mutt
The case of the Quick Quack Sneak Attack

Tangerine Toodles and Wednesday Whistlehoot
aren't world-famous detectives like Ellie and Ace,
but they are world-famous authors—well almost.
They're working hard toward this goal by writing,
writing, writing! Right now they are working on a
new book about Ellie and Ace. They are starting an
exciting new series too. When asked if she ever solved cases as a child like
Ellie and Ace, Tangerine Toodles said, "Of course!
But I kept running across the same clue over and
over again: detectives get sore feet. It turns out
writers rarely do, although their rears... but that's
more information than you requested." Wednesday
Whistlehoot's response to the same question hinted
at a mystery: "Shh! That information is top-secret."
Both authors reside in Texas, which makes it
handy when they want to resolve a disagreement
over writing with a quick pillow fight (much easier
than arguing). When they aren't writing, the
authors engage in the other activities they love:
reading, traveling, visiting with family and friends,
and catnapping (that is taking naps with their cats,
not stealing them).


Kathrina Iris was born with a crayon in her hand.
However, one crayon wasn’t nearly enough for the
young artist. Soon, she learned to hold a crayon in
each hand, which quickly led to fistfuls. Like a
rainbow tornado, Kathrina began to draw on every
flat surface she found. Before long she created
Mom’s Wall of Fame. Kathrina was delighted until
she realized that her mother actually disapproved of her doodling and scribbling on the walls. Kathrina
was shocked!
Fortunately, her mother came up with a solution
just in time to avoid Wall War II. She introduced
Kathrina to the joy of paper. Kathrina spent the rest
of her childhood scribbling, drawing, and painting to
her heart’s content—on paper (although she still
secretly wanted to draw on walls).
Today, Kathrina draws with magic in her own
home art studio. She still likes crayons, but magic is,
after all, magic. She uses a magic wand that sparkles
to draw on a board that lights up like fireworks every
time she has a creative idea. These magic tools are
called a Pen Tablet. Kathrina’s whole studio
explodes with light when she draws. Her two art
ninja assistants karate chop the stray sparks of color
before they stain the walls. Kathrina always tries to
sneak a few sparks past them. Fortunately, her art
ninjas know the rules.Kathrina is always hard at work on new ideas and
drawings. She hopes someday to make the real Wall
of Fame—hopefully not by coloring on walls.


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