Thursday, November 16, 2017

REVIEW:Savage of the Sea (Pirates OF Britannia: Lords of the Sea Book 1) BY Eliza Knight

A daring brotherhood, where honor among thieves reigns supreme, and crushing their enemies is a thrilling pasttime. These are the Pirates of Britannia.

When Highland pirate prince, Shaw “Savage” MacDougall was invited to a deadly feast, he didn’t know that saving a wee lass would forever change his future.

Lady Jane Lindsey, widowed at a young age, seeks refuge from her departed husband’s vengeful enemies. For five years, she’s held a secret that could cost her everything, including her life. When her safety is compromised, she reaches out to the only man who’s protected her in the past, and offers him a bounty he cannot refuse.

Shaw’s life is perfect. Whisky, women and mayhem. He wants for nothing—until Lady Jane presents a treasure he’d never considered possessing. Is he willing to risk his lethal reputation in order to save a lass he barely knows, again? Will she trust a pirate to see their arrangement through to the end?

And what happens when perilous battles turn to sinful kisses? Who will save them from each other?

What an amazing novel and not a subject you find alot of nowadays. Pirates. But I was super eexcited to find this book and able to review it.

I mean who doesnt love any kind of pirates. God knows I know. Especially a book full of sexy men pirates.

Shaw oh damn what a sexy gorgous pirate he is. A genuinely normal pirate who loves whiskey women and danger and yet he is willing to go to the rescue of a woman he has saved before and help her for an interesting price.

Jane Lindsey is quite a fascinating character not the type you would think would hook up with a sexy pirate at all. Hiding from her dead husbands enemies causes her to seek refuge with Shaw who she thinks is the only man who can help or save her.

But can they resist eachother oh damn god knows i wouldnt be able to.

This is one amazing author i will def be looking for more books from.

4 stars

Eliza Knight is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of sizzling historical romance and erotic romance. Writing as E. Knight, she pens riveting tales of Tudor fiction. Eliza grew up playing in castle ruins and traipsing the halls of Versailles when visiting her grandparents during the summer, which instilled a love of history at an early age. While not reading, writing or researching for her latest book, she chases after her three children. In her spare time (if there is such a thing…) she likes daydreaming, wine-tasting, traveling, hiking, staring at the stars, watching movies, shopping and visiting with family and friends. She lives atop a small mountain, and enjoys cold winter nights when she can curl up in front of a roaring fire with her own knight in shining armor. She is the owner of the popular historical blog, History Undressed.

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