Saturday, October 14, 2017

REVIEW:A Sunrise In Rio By Rachel Matthews

Jayla Mitchelson never thought she'd fall for a client! After landing the photography job of a lifetime, she gets more than she bargained for with wealthy businessman Eric Jansen. When he asks her for a special favor, nothing would prepare her for the question that would forever change her life. Eric Jansen needs a fiancée and the beautiful new photographer for his Brazilian development project is perfect and outside of the media's curious eye. He lives day by day guarding his heart since the death of his wife, but Jayla's warmth and passion definitely captures his interest. Though they come from different worlds, he just may find himself asking her to stay long after the job is done.

This is the first book I've read by this author. It was a quick, light and fun read. The writing was easy to read and follow. The story flowed well and the author knew how to keep the story moving. The setting of Rio, Southern California, and New York City was enchanting. Anyone who enjoys clean contemporary romance would enjoy this book.

Eric Jansen, business mogul, doesn't believe in love. He dates only for public relations, but no one ever gets close to him. He's cold and he plans to stay that way. However, he's got an investor that has traditional values and wants to see Eric settled down before agreeing to invest. So, Eric's solution is to hire a woman to pretend to be his fiancee.

Jayla Mitchelson thinks she's flying to Rio to photograph a property development. What she doesn't expect is to that she would be playing the pretend role of her new client's fiancee!
What neither expect is that they would each be attracted to each other. Could Eric's icy heart actually be melting?

Such stubborn and intriguing characters to be sure and the way they fall or start falling for eachother is so damn fascinating.
Plenty of heat without the smut. I have to say not many authors can do that, but this author does it with flair.

No the heat didn't come from the sex, just a look between the two is enough to burn the sheets.
Looking for a clean refreshing adult romance? Do yourself a favor and give this a try, you won't regret it.

4 stars

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