Sunday, October 15, 2017

REVIEW: Vanish By Becca J. Campbell

Eva has two secrets. The second is that she periodically vanishes into thin air.

Usually, Eva’s spontaneous disappearances last only a few minutes, but on the day of her high school graduation, she vanished for nearly ten years. For a decade she was invisible and intangible—unable to be felt or seen or heard. She can’t imagine a worse torture than standing on the outside looking in.

Now she’s back, but it’s not enough to be tangible once again. Eva needs to find a way to stop vanishing permanently. Which is why she’s facing her ten-year class reunion—and her ex-boyfriend. The clue to stopping her disappearances must be tied to him, intertwined with their past. Unfortunately, approaching him is awkward-level five billion, considering he broke up with her ten years ago.

When Eva starts getting threatening texts from an unknown source, she realizes the reunion has just gotten even more complicated. Especially when she discovers that source has found out about her second, worse secret.

In order to find the key to stop her vanishing, Eva must battle grudge-wielding friends, relentless old crushes, and a classmate with a vendetta against her. And, in the meantime, hope she doesn’t vanish again. Because somebody wants her gone for another ten years.

Vanish is a sweet romance with a fantastical twist. It’s the perfect blend of Magical Realism and Romance. If you enjoy charmingly quirky characters, a love story that will tug on your heartstrings, and an emotionally rich storyline, download this book today.

Oh my what an amazing read for a lazy Sunday. I have to admit I am an avid reader and fan of Becca's books. She is a really amazing writer and every book of hers I have absolutely loved And been enthralled with and this standalone novel is no different. I sat and read it for a few hours and I just adored all the amazing characters and the twists and turns the author added to this novel.

A must read for anyone that loves books with a little supernatural romance.

Eva what a frusterated woman full of secrets. She goes back to her 10th high school reunion to find someone to help her with her special gift that she thought for years has helped her. But fate has other things in mind when she goes to see her ex boyfriend that broke her heart and her old friend that was always there for her. Who is the one who is the cure for her gift? Who will break her heart?

Her ex boyfriend through half the book you think will save her but when you realize he is kind of the bad guy in it and realize who the real hero of the story is you are amazed. The hero oh my lord im trying not to give away spoiler but omgosh I just loved loved loved him. Best character by far.

This story has it all jealousy, betrayal, danger, heartbreak and mystery. Entertaining and very realistic adventure with a believable story-line and highly realistic charters. This wonderfully told story draws you into her world from page one and makes it very difficult to put down till the very end. Found that I had devoured this book in one day.

5 stars by far
Becca writes New Adult (college age) fiction that's typically Urban Fantasy but often ranges anywhere from Science Fiction to Thrillers. Her writing typically involves a bit of the fantastical with an emphasis on relationships. She is addicted to thinking up cool, super-human abilities and the tragic downsides that go along with them.

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