Saturday, October 28, 2017

REVIEW: Baby Surprize By Ana Sparks

Alicia has finally had enough of her thankless job as maid to a debonair and handsome billionaire businessman and his unbearable wife, and with pressures at home mounting, she decides to rebel in the only way she knows how: helping herself to champagne that surely won't be missed and trying on a few dresses, seeking an escape from her status as a lowly servant for just one night...
Niko Fortounis stumbles home, cursing the loveless marriage he's found himself in, and finds his own maid drunk and misbehaving.

Finding each other at a point of weakness, they fall into each other's arms, discovering sensuality in each other that they both so desperately need.

Neither of them know it yet, but this is the night that will change everything. One night could rescue them from their desperate, loveless lives, and one beautiful baby could give them both the purpose they need to find true love...

One thing is for sure: nothing will ever be the same in the Fortounis household.

Absolutely amazing author. Ive read one of two before this novel but I just devoured this book.I couldnt put it down. If you pick this up and can put it down this is so not the book for you.

I love it because its one of the fantasy type scenarios rich billionaire get with the maid because he has a mean wife. I mean who doesnt love a good naughty fantasy.

Its not this perfect happily ever after. Alot of sadness and tears and heartbreak goes on throughout this book and by the title u can tell a baby lol.

But thats part of what makes it a more realistic book because there is so much drama and pain that all the characters have to deal with.
Alicia just your average college drop out turned maid to make ends meet. She is so good never breaks the rules and does whatever the boss says until the night she drinks wine and plays in their bedroom when they are both away resulting in a one night love affair with the boss.

She is such a strong willed character trying to do everything on her own and figure things out without bothering other people.
Niko oh dear sweet sexy and gorgous Niko.God I just fan myself reading and thinking about his character. Stuck in a loveless marriage and around a maid that constantly torments him with her presence.

Hes full of pride and stubborness and reminds me of myself haha without the billions of dollars.
These two make for one amazing book and love story. What they go through and deal with in this book about their love is just amazing. They fight and makeup and fight and makeup.

5 stars all the way

Ana loves alphas, and the gorgeous women who strive to tame them.
The bestselling co-author of Boss Me, Bind Me and Fake It For Me, Ana Sparks travels the world and writes steamy contemporary romance that never fails to provide a HEA.
If she’s not reading or writing something spicy, she’s probably with her good friend Layla Valentine, sipping on a pornstar martini as they cook up their next juicy story.

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