Saturday, September 23, 2017

REVIEW: A Ghostly Tale Of Forbidden Love By Madeline Martin

Senara becomes a lady's maid at Castle of Park to help ease the financial burden of her beloved family. She does not expect to have such a wicked mistress any more than she expects to find a handsome laird...or a ghost with a burning need for retribution.
Gavin vowed on his father’s death bed to watch over his aunt, and regrets it every day. Especially when her new maid arrives. The woman is extraordinarily fascinating, which not only stirs his interest, but also his aunt’s ire. Can he protect Senara from his aunt? Even more important, can he keep himself from giving in to his longing for the country lass?

**Note for readers - this novella was in the following anthologies:
Once Upon a Haunted Castle
Romantic Legends

First off I have to say Madeline Martin has by far become one of my favorite authors. I believe this is my third book of hers that I have reviewed and I flew through it within a day. I just couldn't put it down. It pulls you into the story and hooks you into the backstory of each character (even the villains)so that you just cannot stop reading this amazing tale of love.

Senara is a soon to be lady's maid when she is attacked and someone saves her even though she didn't need the help. What she doesn't know is it is the laird of the castle she is going to be working for or serving. Its quite entertaining when she realizes. She's strong and tough and tries to not fall for the laird knowing she has nothing to offer him.

Gavin oh my his accent just makes me weak in the knees. He is such a beautifully wonderful laird that is stuck in situations he hates and dealing with his aunt that is hell bent on sabotaging him and his love plans.

Beltazar is a unique character that comes into this book and protects Senara and her genuinely good natured personality. He ends up saving her and himself in the end and he is one of my favorite characters for all he has gone through.

Edana Gavin's aunt this is the villain you love to hate. Oh how I just wanted to hit her through every dang chapter for what she does to Senara and how she tortures Gavin continuously. Then when you find out what she did to Beltazar your anger will flair up I guarantee it.

What I love most is that she writes these amazing Scottish stories writing in the old Scottish accent but that's not the best part. She creates these lovers but its not just a sex love story, she adds the sex in because that is part of love but its not all its about either. It just makes it that much better and enticing how she leads up to it with each of her characters.

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