Sunday, August 13, 2017

REVIEW: Aran (Love Me Harder Book # 1) By Serena Simpson

The old wars have ended and the scientists no longer need the genetically engineered men they designed to fight for them. In the aftermath of the final battle, Aran’s choices are clear. Stay on his planet and be decommissioned for good or leave in search of a new home and the one thing he was told he could never have—a mate.
When Rena meets Aran at a party, she doesn’t know what to make of the imposing stranger or his desire to know her better. Targeted by a terrorist cell because of a job she no longer has, Rena must rely on Aran’s strength and cunning if she plans to live long enough to collect unemployment.
Every moment spent with Rena awakens feelings Aran has never experienced. She’s the one, his mate. Now all he has to do is convince her. With his past closer than he ever imagined, and the bright future he dreamed of within his grasp, Aran is willing to fight to the death for a chance to truly live.
This book contains adult content it is not recommended for readers under the age of 18

What an amazing little novel I read it within a few hours because I was so addicted to this amazing storyline that this author has created for us. This author immediately pulls you into Rena and Aran's amazing story, leaving no room for you not to become addicted to their amazing lovestory.Erotic but definitely amazing.
Rena what a very complicated and difficult woman but so smart and intelligent that you cannot love her .
And Aran holy moly just reading about him makes my mouth water. He is one truly amazing character who when you first read his character has no hope for finding his true love and his mate. But by the end of this story is sure he has.
I absolutely love this author and cannot wait to read more of these books
I have read similar unconventional erotic love stories that I would never thought would appeal to me. Im so trying not let out spoilers but if you love scifi and action mixed with love and erotica this is a must read.

5 amazing stars

Hi, nice to meet you my name is Serena. I am glad you decided to drop by!
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Who am I? I am a storyteller have been all my life. I love stories; my favs have hot guys, aliens, shifters or vamps I love them all.
My stories will feature them because I like the unusual or mixing everyday reality with just a hint of spice.
When I was younger, I saw the movie Jurassic Park in the theater with a friend. When we left, we scanned the sky looking for dinosaurs; it felt that real.
That's the perfect book the one that makes you think for a split second maybe it's all true.
That's my quest, but along the way, I will entertain you with stories of love that will make you laugh, cry and hug the one you love.
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