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REVIEW:The Spanish Exile & The Last Princess (Island Of The Crown 2 book series) By Jewel Allen

The Spanish Exile by Jewel Allen

In the flames of war, men are made and broken . . .
The fires of vengeance burn hot for Raul Calderon. Cast aside, forgotten, and abused by those above him, Raul is forced to make his own way in life. But he has the heart of a fighter who will do whatever it takes to prove himself - including joining the Spanish army. Yet when his sworn enemy becomes his commanding officer, Raul's life quickly goes from bad to worse. Forced to witness the human misery of war and take part in creating that suffering, Raul walks a fine line between doing what's right and obeying orders.

But when Conchita, the love of his childhood and now the woman of his dreams, is placed in danger, can he cross the line to save her? Or will he be forced to choose between king and country and the woman he would do anything to have as his own?

This is a great starter book for this series because it gives you such a good background on Raul. I just adore him. He goes through so much and continues to follow his dreams of being in the Spanish army even though he is labeled a cripple by his family and the people in his town.

As someone that has a disability I love how this is a big part of Rail's story, and how the author writes him overcoming it and becoming this amazing captain in the Spanish army.

Conchita Oh my I was rooting for her to see her real feeling for Raul through this entire book. The ending before he gets on the boat made me so sad how she acted and treated him like he wasn't worth her time. If I could smack a character through a book it would have been her.

I love that I found this amazing author that I will definitely be looking for more books by her. She is  a must read author for sure.

5 stars

The Last Princess by Jewel Allen

To the beat of war, crowns are kept and stolen. . .

Spanish Captain Raul Calderon has accepted a daring mission in the Philippine colonies - to negotiate docking rights in hostile waters for the Manila Galleon. If successful, he can return from exile. But when he is captured by slave raiders and delivered to the Last Princess, a woman known for killing those who cross her, he is thrust into the center of royal intrigue. The Last Princess is not what she seems, however, and Raul must stay alive long enough to warn her of the danger in trusting those close to her.

Juliza Alimuddin, The Last Princess, hides behind a cutthroat reputation to protect her beloved islands. But when a mysterious Spaniard, Raul Calderon, falls into her hands, she decides to go against her allies' wishes and nurse him back to health. Her heart has been bruised in the past, yet Raul brings out feelings she never thought she'd have again. Just when Juliza starts to believe in the possibility of love, however, she is betrayed and her family and sultanate put in a deadly situation. Will The Last Princess live up to her reputation when forced to choose between her people and the man she loves?

From the award-winning journalist and author Jewel Allen. Fans of swashbuckling tales will enjoy this action-packed novel, filled with romance, danger and intrigue of 1760s Philippines. Based on true historical events, this is Book Two of the Islands of the Crown series.

I loved The Spanish Exile by this author but the Last Princess omg its absolutely amazing and keeps you on your toes at all times.

I just couldn't put this down. I fell absolutely in love with the Princess, she is such an amazing character and a great match for Raul instead of the obnoxious Conchita who is all about herself.

Both Raul and Juliza have gone through a massive heartbreak, but they are still trying to do their job and what is right while healing their heart.

Juliza is this beautiful exotic Princess that saves his life and nurses him back to health which causes a crazy war between her clans because of the Spanish being so hates on the islands. But no matter she still saves Raul from a horrible fate from her lover killing him or worse.

They form an amazing friendship and he saves her and her family from the other clans attack on their palace. They deal with pirates trying to sell them as slaves, shipwrecks, and a full on war against her family.

Just love it. This author definitely outdid herself.

5 stars

Jewel Allen is an award-winning journalist, author and ghostwriter who grew up in the tropics (Manila, Philippines) and now lives in the desert (Utah, USA). She is the author of a YA paranormal mystery (GHOST MOON NIGHT), a political memoir (SOAPBOX), and the first in a swashbuckling series set in the 18th century (THE SPANISH EXILE).

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