Wednesday, March 1, 2017

REVIEW: Winter falls (a tale of the snow queen) by jacque stevens

She learned there was no such thing after her mother died. In the postindustrial town of Riverside, Katie struggles to care for her distant father and his failing hotel. Her only comfort lies in the arms of her true love, Shay. 

Yet one evening, he disappears without a trace.

Devastated, Katie jumps off a bridge in the dead of winter, expecting to meet death at the bottom. Instead, her fall transports her to a snowy netherworld, where trapped souls take on the form of animals and the only thing that matters is survival. 

When Katie discovers that Shay has been kidnapped by a deadly witch called the Winter Queen, she goes on a journey to find him, traveling through the realms of storybook fairies, princesses, thieves, and monsters to bring him home. But the path is harsh and dangerous. Will Shay and Katie be reunited? Or be forever trapped within an eternal winter?

A retelling of the classic fairytale The Snow Queen, WINTER FALLS is a young adult epic fantasy romance which examines the trials of depression and mental illness in a magical world of action and adventure. 

Teen fans of C.S. Lewis and Shannon Hale will love this inspirational novel by author Jacque Stevens.

Jacque Stevens is a truly amazing author. I have read one of her other novels as well. I absolutely loved both.

This is full of sadness and heartache and adventure and triumph along with the some love and friendship.It takes you to another land where each season is a specific fairy that has very specific powers that Katie has to go talk to and find things from to save her love Shay.

It is  a great adventure story. You never know if it is  a fairy tale or just her imagination taking over. Quite a twist of ideas and excentricities. I love it.

5 stars

Jacque Stevens wrote her first novel as a stress relief activity during nursing school. Now as a fulltime nurse working in mental and developmental health, she continues to write stories filled with elves, fairies, and all things awesome.

Jacque lives in Utah, so yes, she has a huge extended family and occasionally eats green jello, but does not yet own a minivan. 

New friends, enemies, and wandering visitors from cyberspace can contact Jacque here: or sjacquebooks(at)

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