Friday, January 13, 2017

Shadows of the forest by Emma Michaels

Everyone is dying to live in the Shadows of the Forest. They gave me three rules to follow in exchange for my brother’s life: 1. Do not enter the West Wing; 2. Do not go outside after darkness falls; and 3. There is only one exit; The Gates. This is what happened when I broke them…

This was a unique and intriguing novel for young adults.

It starts out very different just like some normal book about two kids not sure where they are heading or going in life. But it quickly turns into a page turning novel about these two teens or young kids that end up in tragedy and one does something unimaginable to save his sister.

Cole is by far my favorite character. He comes off as a hopeless dreamer and a softie but really he is willing to do whatever it takes to save his sister. Such an amazingly well written character.

Its full of twists and turns and unexpected paths. It is a great novel for young teens or heck adults for that matter.

4 stars

Emma Michaels is the award winning author of the Society of Feathers series. With over 15 written publications and hundreds of book covers under her belt she plans on taking over the literary world one cup of coffee at a time. Follow her journey at

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