Monday, January 23, 2017

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Sin on a Stick (Hotties of Haven) By Jenna Jacob

When Jade Hollis loses her job, she tries to commit hari-kari tequila style. With her head pounding the next morning, it’s hardly the optimal time to discover her live-in lover is a lying cheat. Bruised and dejected, she packs up all her belongings and the remains of her self-esteem, then hits the road. Destination? Who the hell cares. When she ends up beating a fast path down memory lane to Haven, Texas, she comes face-to-face with her high school heartthrob Colton Maddox. The seductive, oh-so-bad boy still zaps her senses like a screwdriver in a two-twenty outlet. But can she trust him and her foolish heart long enough to live out even the most wild of her fantasies… which include happily ever after?

I am a lover of Jenna Jacob books to start off and this one was an amazing Novella short, sweet and sexy as hell. Just damn....

A must read for anyone into romance or erotica or both like me hahaha.

Colton oh my lordy he is quite the sexy ranch owner. At first read you think hes going to be a womanizer because of how Jade talks about him at the beginning but really he is just a love struck guy trying to do the right thing and ends up suffering for it for almost a decade.

Then there is Jade what a colossally scared woman she is. Going through one tragedy after another and just shutting herself down so she doesnt feel the pain n hurt she keeps finding.

Then she ends up going to see Colton her long lost love and he makes her flood gates spill open and all the truth comes out.

Definitely a must read.

5 sexy stars


Wet Dream (Hotties of Haven, Book 1)
Available Feb. 21

USA Today Bestselling Author Jenna Jacob's erotic romance comes from the heart of submission. With over twenty years’ experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, Jenna strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice. Her stories will make you laugh, cry, and may leave you with a better understanding of the fulfillment found in the BDSM power exchange.
A married mom of four grown children, Jenna and her husband lives in Kansas. Her passions include her family, reading, camping, cooking, music, and riding Harleys. She loves to make people laugh with her outgoing and warped sense of humor. If you're looking for hot romance with a kinky twist, pick up one of Jenna's books.

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