Tuesday, November 29, 2016

REVIEW: The Soul Stealer's Child By Brandon Gray

   Can a human heart overcome a demon soul? When soul-eating demons overrun his world, Kaelis, a young seraph warrior, uses the Queen’s ring to open a portal in space and flee with the infant heir to the throne, landing on earth. Unbeknownst to him, the demon leader, Nsark, follows through the portal, determined to devour the soul of every last seraph, especially the Queen’s heir. After Kaelis hides the baby, Nsark creates the ultimate weapon by fathering a half-human, half-demon: a soul-stealer’s child. Sixteen years later, James struggles to fit in with his peers. In a last-ditch effort, he joins the school play, where he meets Lucy. Something deep draws them together, and their friendship reveals their hidden pasts: one is an angel, one is half-demon. Lucy and James find themselves pulled into an age-old war between their peoples. Hunted by relentless enemies, and grappling with deep-seated instincts and strange new powers.

Wow just wow. I absolutely loved this book it was so amazing. I couldn't put it down.A young adult sci-fi type of fantasy novel that was completely different from the other book ive read by this author. It was very nicely suprizing.

A demon child and an angel child. I can honestly say i thought their identities were the complete opposite of what it ends up being in the end. I was pleasantly suprize by the turning twist of fate this author brought to the novel.

James is an old fashioned type of guy, he loves anything and everything old fashioned, and despises everything teenagers his age like. That is until he meets and gets to know Lucy.

They get to know each-other and get closer and closer as they gain feelings that grow stronger and stronger each day. But when their polar opposite true identities come to the surface its an explosion of crazy reactions.

This is a must read for anyone into fantasy, sci-fi, romantic, or young adult books. Absolutely amazing and i for one cannot wait until this author writes more for this series.

By far one of my favorite new authors.

5 stars all the way

Brandon Gray is the pen name of Braden Bell (Brandon writes YA fiction; Braden writes for middle grades). Braden holds a Ph.D. from New York University. He and his family live on a quiet, wooded lot in Tennessee, where he teaches middle school theatre and music. An experienced performer, Braden enjoys reading, gardening, and long summer afternoons writing in his hammock. His most notable skill is being able to eat a full rack of BBQ ribs with one hand on long drives. If you like middle grade fiction, check out his other Amazon page: amazon.com/author/www.bradenbell.com

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