Sunday, November 13, 2016

REVIEW: Death Thieves By Julie Wright

"Death Thieves by Julie Wright is such a fantastic read, 

perfectly paced and packed with emotion, intrigue, and 

characters I fell in love with. The premise is strong, a twist 

on time travel that's both original and fascinating. Summer Rae 

felt so real to me, and as brave as she is, it was her sense of 

humor that I loved most. Everyone needs to read this amazing 

--James Dashner, author of the NYT bestselling series Maze 


"You're dead, Summer Dawn Rae."
When Summer Rae is stolen from the moment of her own death and 

taken to a future where mankind is dying, it is with the hope 

that she, and other teenagers like her, can save it. But after 

only a short time in the future, Summer discovers a darker side 

to the altruistic reasons behind her abduction. She is 

determined to fulfill her purpose in a world gone literally mad, 

but can an ordinary girl save a whole world when she only cares 

about saving one person?

Sometimes you come across a book that makes you think. It makes 

you think about your actions and the difference that one person 

can make. This book did that for me.It was a little bizarre at 

first, with Summer being in a car accident, and being taken to 

the future to restart the human race.

Summer is a teen who is dealing with some hard things. She and 

her twin sister, Winter, live with a relative. Their father has 

not been a part of their lives and their mother has passed away. 

They are different in personality, but bonded and there for each 


Summer is a little rebellious. She does not take things at face 

value. She questions. She follows her conscience. She pushes the 

limits. Her personality makes a very interesting story. I love 

that she is a strong character with high morals. She doesn't 

give in or up when faced with hard choices. She takes the 

difficult road to make things better for society, instead of 

thinking of just herself. She looks beneath the surface of a 

problem and tries to find solutions.

FUll of twists and turns and unexpected craziness its a great 

young adult novel that is definitely worth the read.

If you are into history you will love the nazi german 

futuristicness. If you are into strong women that can change 

their fate you will love it.

4 stars

Julie Wright (1972-still breathing) was born in Salt Lake City, 

Utah. She's lived in LA, Boston, and the literal middle of 

nowhere (don't ask). She wrote her first book when she was 

fifteen. Since then, she's written sixteen novels and coauthored 

three. Julie won the Whitney award for best romance in 2010 with 

her novel Cross My Heart and the Crown Heart award for The 

Fortune CafĂ©. She is agented by Sara Crowe at Harvey Klinger 


She has one husband, three kids, two salamanders, one dog, and a 

varying amount of fish (depending on attrition).

She loves writing, reading, traveling, hiking, playing with her 

kids, and watching her husband make dinner. 

She used to speak fluent Swedish, but now speaks only well 

enough to cuss out her children in public.

She hates mayonnaise.

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