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RELEASE PARTY: Hunter Mourned By Nancy Corrigan

NEWEST Book ~ and an excerpt!

Two souls cheated. A love mourned. A future never forgotten. 
One goal sends Trevor O’Connor prowling the streets at night—revenge against the man preying on tall, dark-haired women. But in the ‘Otherworld’ that Trevor is now a part of, plans never go as expected, especially when he’s only a human playing with monsters.

A random act of violence forces Rowan to face eternity alone. She fills her nights with mindless sex, hunting, and her duty to mankind…until she meets a man who helps her remember love. Claiming what once belonged to her isn’t as simple as she’d like, however.

She’s not free.

The curse hanging over her demands she choose a path. And Trevor will do anything to ensure she picks the right one.
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Hunter Mourned Copyright © 2016 by Nancy Corrigan All Rights Are Reserved. 


“Answer me, Rowan. What have you allowed other men to take?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes. It does. Tell me.”

“Living in the same house doesn’t give you the right to know who I’m sleeping with or how many lovers I’ve taken. That’s where you’re going with this, isn’t it?”

“No. I’m concerned about the danger you’ve been exposing yourself to.”

She twisted her wrists, trying to get free. He held them tighter, tugging her arms slightly to show her he had the upper hand. She wasn’t getting away until he got what he wanted from her, for her to realize she wasn’t worthless. She relented and leaned back, easing the pull on her arms and forcing him to brace her body.

“Liar. You’re jealous. I want to know why.”

“I’m not jealous. We live under the same roof. I’m protective of you.”

She laughed, and damn if the sound of her amusement didn’t add to the spell she wove around him. He barely stifled his groan.

“That’s rich, Trevor.” She tilted her head to look into his eyes. “I’m an immortal Hunter. I can’t die permanently, and pain means nothing to me. Trust me on that. I’ve experienced horrendous wounds in my lifetime. I’ve been killed, sometimes dying in excruciating ways. Nothing those humans could’ve done would’ve topped that.”

Dammit to hell. She had to go and remind him of the horrors she’d suffered. He glared at her. “Shut up. Can you do that, Rowan? Just shut the fuck up.”

“Why should I?” She wrinkled her nose and gave him a “I can’t believe you just said that to me” look. “Because we live in the same house? Well, let me tell you—”

He kissed her. It was the only way to shut her up. If they kept talking, he’d admit to something he didn’t want to say, like that he felt as if she was his or something. It wasn’t true, just his dick talking or maybe the familiarity he experienced in her presence that came from living with her for weeks.

She remained passive while he slipped his tongue past her parted lips and stroked along her tongue, urging her to match him. Her eyes widened as if she were shocked that he’d kiss her. In the next moment, a shudder ran the length of her, and she exhaled through her nose. Then she was kissing him back as if she were starved for him.

She tugged to free her hands a second time, but he held them firmly, needing her exactly as she was. If she touched him, he wouldn’t be able to stop at a kiss. He’d have her body. Nothing between them. Just his dick and her wet core. He couldn’t get her pregnant, couldn’t contract any diseases. He wanted to experience that, to give Rowan what no girl had ever gotten from him.

“Trevor.” She managed to whisper his name between the wild tangling of their tongues. “What are—”

He nipped at her lips, stopping her words. “Shut up, Rowan. Fucking shut up and kiss me.”

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He was born to kill her…but he’ll risk all to save her.

Every day, Harley fights the urge to embrace the dark heritage that could turn her Unseelie. Evil. Bad. A nightmarish monster like the ones that wiped out her family. The only thing keeping her on this side of Seelie is a promise made to the ghostly man who saved her that terrible night.

Whenever she’s tempted, she calls up a vision of his eyes. Hears his voice calling her back from the brink of madness. Years later, when she returns to the scene of her living hell, he’s her only hope for salvation.

Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created to protect mankind from the Unseelie Court, not love one of them. He never expected the rightness he felt with her all those years ago would explode into desire.

But saving her from a fate she can’t escape could damn them both…and leave the world open for destruction.

Warning: Contains a half-fae woman who could really use a Seelie version of AA to stay clean and monster-free. And a rider of the Wild Hunt who’ll take any risk to keep her safe from her enemies. Including himself.

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His vow to save mankind turns him into the father of the damned...

Arawn, Lord of the Underworld, is faced with the hardest decision of his long life. Because of his neglect, humans are suffering...but his vow to make things right could cost him everything he holds dear.

Minerva, the Goddess of Love, holds his heart and soul, except the act he must now commit might very well destroy their love.

But his sacrifice doesn't go far enough to end the humans' agony. It compounds it--and turns him into a pawn. He cannot renege on his deal with the Triad, but he can avenge those he's wronged.

To do that, he'll need every one of his Huntsmen to win the greatest game of all time--the Wild Hunt.

Warning: Goodness and light vs. sacrifice and darkness. Seriously, what could possibly go wrong?

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Kagan Wolves Update!

I've gotten a lot of questions about the Kagan Wolves books over the past couple of days. Here's what I can say:
  • Chance on LoveBridged by Love, and Shared for Love are temporarily unavailable in eBook format.
  • Why?? They're getting makeovers!
  • ​The new covers will match the style of Treasured FindBeautiful Mistake, andFavorite Obsession
  • I can't give a date when they'll be available yet. I'm sorry. But...I'll let you know as soon as I can.
  • For some teasers, visit:

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