Monday, August 8, 2016

REVIEW: Vampire Creed By Rain Grey

Blaine will do anything for the sake of Wendy, 

even if it’s against her wishes. She had quickly 

become a ray of light in his dark world and he had 

no plans of losing her. So when Red tells him that 

the deaths in town maybe related to her, Blaine 

accepts the case even after swearing never to work 

for the council again. He soon realizes there is 

more going on than the council had imagined and 

Wendy’s life was truly in danger. His fear of 

losing his new found love slowly becomes a reality 

as Blaine realizes his enemy is more powerful than 

he can handle. 
Wendy is finally settling into her new life as a 

vampire. She enjoys spending her days exploring 

her new world with Blaine and attending school. 

Their peaceful life together is short lived. 

Blaine suddenly gets called upon by the Vampiric 

Council to capture a vampire leading a group that 

is causing a large amount of human deaths in the 

area. Wendy soon finds herself drawn into the 

chase upon discovering it has something to do with 

Theo, the vampire that assaulted her and turned 

her into a Half-Blood. For Blaine’s sake, she 

decides to push past her fear of her attack in 

order to find clues that may help him solve the 

mystery. The thing she is most frighten of is 

forever no longer meaning forever. 

This was an amazing novel I read it in two days 

and I loved every bit of it and couldn't put it 


Definitely a must read for anybody into 

supernatural thrillers with a bit of erotic 

romance added to it.

This definitely starts out as a psycho sick 

twisted guy stalking an innocent shy girl.

Wendy's life changes in an instant. Whether it is 

for the better or not is for the reader to decide.

This novel unfolds secrets and stories untold 

about the mysterious creatures that are in the 

world without the vampires knowing.

Blaine oh my what a yummy hunk. This author does 

an amazing job of writing his character. I can 

imagine what he looks like what his demeanor and 

personality is like. All by how this author writes 

his character.

A must read!!!

5 Stars

Rain Grey is a psychologist by profession. 

However, she has been writing books since she was 

fifteen years old. She loves anything supernatural 

and her favorite genres are vampire Romance and 

ghost fiction.

Her home in England is close to the town of 

Stratford Upon Avon, where William Shakespeare was 


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