Tuesday, August 30, 2016

REVIEW: THREE! By Tia Perkin

"Three!" is a funny little rhyming book about what 

it's like to spend a day with a preschooler - from 

getting themselves dressed to making a big mess! 

With beautiful illustrations (complete with 

dinosaurs, trains and superheros) and a catchy 

story that both parents and kids can enjoy again 

and again, this is a must-have book for your 

children's book collection.

This was absolutely adorable little book for kids. 

I just loved it as I am a preschool teacher that 

works with 3 year olds. It absolutely described a 

day with a three year old and it made me laugh and 


The illustrations were amazing and it wasn't too 

long so you could easily read to a two or three 

year old.

5 Stars

Tia Perkin is a three-time Emmy-Nominated Graphic 

Artist turned stay-at-home mom and freelancer. Her 

first children's book, "Two!", was written for her 

now four-year-old twin sons - partially as a gift 

and partially as a coping mechanism for a double-

helping of toddler hijinx! She is continuing on 

the series and has just released "Three!".

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