Wednesday, July 13, 2016

REVIEW: Hanging Pawns By Emersyn Vallis

We all have choices in life… paths to take… roads to follow…. 
It’s on those journeys that fate finds us and takes us where we need to be… Without a second glance we can be taken away from things we know… "people we love" and given a new life... 
One that can change us… save us… 
What would you do if fate dropped you at a crossroads? Would you go back? Or would you run like hell the other way? 

*Author's Note: This book is told from a different point of view and is said to be more like a prequel to Adjournment. This book will also answer a lot of questions you were left with from Adjournment. Sidney and Simon's story continues in Sacrifice and End Game. 

 I love a good suspense/romance book and this and the first book in the series Adjournment are GREAT books!!! I love the characters and I LOVE the fact that I don't have it figured out yet!!

Emerson Vallis's mind is amazing! Mea & Josh 's story is just out if this world! LOVE the back story. LOVE the banter between everyone. LOVE the twins minds. LOVE the close knit relationship they all have. I even LOVE Madness! This is a fun, laugh out loud, sweet, emotional read. 

THis author is such a strong amazing author with so many ways to draw a reader in. She is amazing and it makes me unable to wait for the next book to read.

5 stars all the way

Emersyn Vallis currently resides on the east coast with her three girls. She is typically mistaken for being quiet and reserved but those that know her know, she's deep in thought plotting out stories lines and conversations in her head. When she's not writing she's a cook, a personal baker to her family, a chauffeur, a mediator, a guidance counselor, a stenographer, an art judge, a personal shopper and above all a caffeine chugging, Reese's Cup addict. She's fluent in sarcasm and hopes one day her girls learn the language. After reading as a hobby for most of her life it wasn't until she had discovered R. L. Mathewson's 'Neighbor from Hell Series' and Tara Sivec's 'Playing with Fire Series' that she came up with the idea to fuse comedy and suspense together and her passion for writing was born.

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