Wednesday, June 8, 2016

REVIEW: Beautifully Chaotic By Natalie Barnes

These lies… 

Don’t seem to hurt
Bend this soul.

Down to the earth

Why try… to feel the sting

It only, causes burn…

Wash away… all this dirt

Only me, is all who knows

Fading far, never be heard

And I try, 
God, have I tried

To live again

With peace… 
in my own soul

That’s desperately.

Begging for the end.

Ms. Barnes did not disappoint! This book was an emotional roller coaster from the first sentence so get those tissues ready! My heart broke for both characters and what they had to go through but ultimately love brought them through.

Written in both character’s point of view, the story unfolds from “then to now” and back in forth, which I found very entertaining.

 I wanted to read about her good for nothing uncle. her bi... of a mother and her friend Claire, who supposedly die? ... like what happened with them? They were important characters in the book but I missed something, I think! Is there a 2nd book?

Absolutely cannot wait for more books from this author maybe on this specific story-line and how it goes later on? I'm crossing my finger on that one.

4 stars


Natalie Barnes is the Amazon International Bestselling author of Everything I Want Everything I Need, and Everything I Have. 

Natalie writes with a wicked desire to push her readers to a provocative edge.  She
is inspired to write by listening to music, which she believes is an influential part of the creative process in her writing.  

When asked how she comes up with the gripping, heartfelt madness to how she writes........

 "They like to jam out for awhile before they let me know what's going on."  ~Natalie Barnes

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