Thursday, May 5, 2016

REVIEW: Solstice By Jane Redd

There are four ways to get Banished from the last surviving city on earth: 1. Cut out your emotion tracker, 2. Join a religious cult, 3. Create a rebellion against the Legislature, 4. Fall in love.

Jezebel James does all four.

Jez is on the fast-track to becoming a brilliant scientist, with one goal—save her city from total extinction. But the more Jez learns about the price of a fresh beginning, the more she realizes that carrying out the plan will lead to few survivors, and among the dead will be those she cares about the most.

What a wonderfully intriguing novel this is. A fantasy type but also with a lil scifi futuristic style to it. Its so very unique.

Jez is this amazing woman but she worries about her friends and what will happen to them if they get caught doing or talking about certain taboo things.

At first in this novel I so didn't see her as the rule breaker or the rebel.

But as her character grows you see how she starts doing all of the things that are so taboo.emotions. falling in love. going against the word of the government.rebelling.

This is really a wonderful novel full of spiraling emotions.Full of unexpected love and tragedy at every turn

4 stars

Writing under Jane Redd, Heather B. Moore is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of more than a dozen historical novels set in ancient Arabia and Mesoamerica. She attended the Cairo American College in Egypt and the Anglican International School in Jerusalem and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University. She writes historical thrillers under the pen name H.B. Moore, and romance and women's fiction under the name Heather B. Moore. It can be confusing, so her kids just call her Mom.

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