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REVIEW: Twisted Bloodlines, Conceved From Evil, Curses and Deception, Temptations From The Past and The Beasts Unveiled By Linda Jackson

Megan has never had what most would call a normal life.

Her childhood and teen years were spent on the run with her family, hiding from a horror so great it defines their world. Friends and homes are traded at a moment’s notice to escape from their worst nightmares. 

Years pass, and her mother settles down with her new step-father, a kind man who does his best to protect them. Life lulls into a safe pace, and Megan finally feels as though she has control of her future for the first time in her life. But that peace is shattered with the arrival of a new family member, one that bears a striking resemblance to a savior of her past…

Confused by her deep emotional connection to him, things unravel fast. She learns that the people she lives with, even her own family, are not what they seem. Her only friend who helped her piece her life back together changes overnight, and she is left dealing with the fallout on her own…

As events unfold, Megan finds herself face to face with the horror that has haunted her since childhood. But will she be able to escape from her twisted bloodline?

Oh If you enjoy this first book I know you will become easily addicted to the rest. 

This is one amazing author.

Such a well thought out plot that plays out so fast you dont even realize how far you are in the book.

This is a must read for anyone who likes fantasy, shape shifter novels, or were books. It spins this fantastical world full of mystery making you wonder what will happen next to these characters.

Meg is such a tortured girl that turns into such a lovely and strong woman, when you concider all of the trauma she has gone through in her life.

Trey the neighbor is so utterly confusing.Most of the time I want to slap him upside the head.

Then there is Blake oh my im pretty sure when i read about his bad boy character with dark hair who rides  a motorcyle I drooled ALOT. haha

But Blake is so obnoxious and mean to Meg at first that I also want to beat him up.

All and all this is a must read book.

5 star

Having been rescued from a living nightmare by her newfound friends, Callie tries to come to terms with what was done to her. Distraught with the way she feels towards one of the residents in her new home, she finds herself the object of another unwanted affection as things soon spiral out of her control. 
Finding out she is no longer the orphan she thought she was, her family begin to creep out of the woodwork. She soon realizes they are more terrifying than the beast who lives in her nightmares. With her enemy list growing by the minute, Callie finds out she is not so different from the people around her as fiction becomes reality, leaving Callie, and those she loves, fighting… for her life.

I was so enthralled with this book that i read it in a few hours. THe plot and story line are very addicting if i do say so myself.

Callie someone I never thought id grow to like. She definitely grew on me. Sweet innocent naieve and full of angry and power that explodes at any given moment.

FInding out she fits in with the panthers and wolves is quite a shock to her. Having spent so much time thinking she should just leave cause she was an outsider.

THis book is full of mystery, new powers rising, fighting, wars, magic, a new brother for Calllie along with a mate she never expected to suddenly find.

Devon a panther who never ever wanted to find a mate never wanted to be strapped to someone like he saw his brother Blake suffering from. He jumps headlong into his urge and need for Callie. Not sure what to do about it.

mmm Devin I liked his character from the first time I read about his in book one. After reading this i am that much more addicted to his character.

Their lives explode after getting together.Its just crazy insane the things that goes on in this book.

I cant explain because there are just too many spoilers you will just have to read it to see.

5 stars

After the dramatic rescue of Megan, Trey wakes up to find himself held prisoner, trapped in a dreary dungeon with the beast inside of him bound. Being away from the chaos of his everyday life, he has a chance to get his head on straight and figure out how to tame the wolf. Or so he thought. His dungeon cellmate has captured his attention, and the beast inside is far from happy about it. 

With a battle of wills raging inside, Trey and his cellmate attempt to escape the dungeon, but it’s only the first hurdle. With time ticking against them, they make their way through the maze ahead, desperate to escape. Will Trey get to explore his feelings towards her? 

Or will the beast scare her off for good?

This is a great wonderfully well written novel that centers around the well hated Trey.

Hes really one of my favorite characters from the first book in this series.

That sweet caring boy next door that tries to help anybody. How could anybody hate him?

He meets Tahlia in the cell next to him and his entire life changes after that.

Tahlia is  exotic a shifter and a mage all wrapped into one. But her curse cause her to be what she conciders hideous. I think she sounds quite lovely.

I just couldnt put this book down it was so amazing and addictive. It just keeps you on the edge of your seat to see what will happen next to these two characters.

And my oh my this author doesnt disapoint with whats in store at the end for these characters. I cant spoil it for you but it is just so delicious what happens to Trey.

Hehe a must read for anyone.

5 stars

They say never return to the past, but what if the past returns to you?
Sean’s job is to return Becky to the human world where she belongs. He has no way of knowing his past will threaten to drag him back into the murky depths of his youth. The beast that he has fought so hard to control has slipped its leash and is ready to resurface thanks to the female who has shadowed his entire life. Now that she’s back, all of Sean’s efforts to retain his humanity are shattered. Previously forbidden to him, she offers herself on a silver platter, playing to his weaknesses. Should he succumb to her wishes, there is a heavy price to pay - his very soul. Tempting him at every opportunity, his quest to return Becky is rapidly losing its importance. His brothers are along for the ride and being hunted by a mage with a vengeance. Sean desperately wants to fight alongside them and take revenge for the price laid on his brother’s head. But the temptress from the past will ensure that all his attention is on her.

This was a equally good read as the others in this series. Tho I had a hard time following with the back and for with like 4 different characters.

Poor Sean and the secret he tries to hide and ends up losing control and hurting people he doesnt mean to.

Jase oh poor jase he is by far one of my fav characters in the series young and foolish but so brave and always protective of his sister.

4 stars

The Beasts Unveiled
Twisted Bloodlines # 5
By- Linda Jackson
Genre- Adult Paranormal Romance
Publication Date- March 16th, 2016

Under attack from all angles, Sabrina’s mission is simple: retrieve the child and stop Deacon’s rise to power. But in their world, nothing is ever that easy.

Deacon has reined in every available source of power to ensure his success in the war against the panthers; all except one. Amelia, born to Peter and Beth, is said to hold the power of a long forgotten bloodline, and Deacon will stop at nothing to get her.

Sabrina has been steadily turning friends into enemies with her opinionated views and is tired of living life on the sidelines. Deciding it’s time to leave behind this chapter of her life, she uncovers a devastating betrayal that sends her straight into the lion’s den. Soon, the knife twists even deeper revealing that Deacon is not the only master of deceit. A puppeteer has been pulling their strings from the beginning, creating a destiny that was never intended and replacing it with another, leaving their souls forever incomplete.

Fully aware that their lives have been tampered with, accusations fly and loyalties divide making them vulnerable against the enemy. Things spiral out of control and one unavoidable situation leaves blame and guilt weighing heavily on Sabrina’s mind. Despite being shunned by the people she called family, she is determined to help them win against Deacon.

In a moment of stupidity that could have ended her life, the future is revealed in two paths for her. Will she choose the right path and go the distance, or will she perish under her uncertainty, leaving Deacon as the successor?


amazing wonderful conclussion to this book series. I was on the edge of  my seat through this entire novel.

FUll of twists and turns, One of the longer books in the series. So it has alot more to it compared to the others its almost like three books in one.

Oh Sabrina, in the other books i didnt pay her much attention other than she was a strong sassy single minded woman.

But she is such an amazing champion.I just love how her character unfolds and becomes this amazing fighter but so vulnerable at the same time.

And Callum oh what a lil naughty bad boy he is. That boy has some dark parts of his soul and his powers but man he is so much like Luke but all the yummy bits.

What they go through together is amazing fighting against eachother constantly. Both such strong people that have gone through so much in their lives that they shouldnt have had to. And spend their lives trying to protect themselves with no avail.

The ending is so beautifully mastered. I love how it all ends up.

5 stars all the way. a must read

I push at the small door in front of me, but it will only open a fraction. Wiping the tears that cloud my vision, I lean against it and use my body weight to open it further. The gap is wide enough for me to squeeze through. I move forward and peer out. The pounding of my heart rushes through my ears and I’m terrified that the intruders may still be here, but I can’t take the stench of the cupboard any longer. I manoeuvre through the gap and silently exit into the kitchen. I cover my mouth with my hand, trying to hide the sound of my rapid breathing, but the strong scent of blood in the air has filled me with panic. The door is ajar, and I reach a shaking hand toward it, opening it wider. I gasp at the sight before me. My father is lying on the ground. His open eyes stare up at the ceiling. I rush to his side and shake him. I beg him to get up, but he doesn’t respond. My gaze travels to his neck. Dried blood has crusted on the wound ripped across it. As I lift my hand I see that too is smeared red. Sobs wrack my body, and I leave his side to find my mother. I spot her lying behind the sofa. I fall to my knees at the sight of her ravaged body. Every inch of her skin is covered with claw marks but the worst of the wounds is the gaping hole in her chest where her heart used to beat. Had my brothers still lived they would have defended my parents. They wouldn’t have remained hidden in a pile of rotting meat shivering in terror while their parents were being slaughtered. My screams erupt and echo through the silence of the house.

About the Author-
Originating from London, England Linda Jackson lives with her husband and seven children. In her youth she would often be found pen in hand and scribbling away in yet another notebook. As an adult her love of writing has finally been brought to fruition and she became the author of the Twisted Bloodlines series. With four books under her belt and the fifth to be released at the end of 2015 Linda claims to be "ecstatic" that her dreams have finally come true.

Twisted Bloodlines Website-

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