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REVIEW: Treasured Find, Beautiful Mistake, and Favorite Obsession (The Royal Pride Series) By Nancy Corrigan

After five centuries, Rafe Alexander knows what to 

expect from life--boredom broken by the occasional 

call from Shifter Affairs. No matter how mundane 

the job, he always accepts their plea for help. He 

knows what it's like to lose loved ones to the 

shifter trafficking rings decimating their 


But the task that takes him to West Virginia 

changes everything. A human is dead. A shifter 

child is missing. And the human female connected 

to both tragedies is hiding a secret.

He needs to discover the mystery surrounding her. 

But the felines he houses--lion, tiger and 

jaguar--want him to get close to her for another 

reason. Jasmine is special, both for how she 

affects him and for the treasure she's been 


And as danger mounts, he's left balancing his 

desire for revenge and his need to protect. But 

the line between them isn't always black and 

white, especially where his family is concerned.

NOTE: The Royal Pride series is set in the same 

world as the Kagan Wolves series. 

What a completely addictive book to read. It was 

so hard to put this novel down just to go to bed. 

Cause I wanted to know what happened in the next 

chapter or page.

This was a very well written novel. This author 

really knows how to pull the readers into the 

story. Keeping them addicted and enthralled with 

what is going on in the story.

Oh Rafe Alexander. What is there to say about this 

deliciously protective and possessive man. All 

very sexy qualities. At least to me haha.

I loved his character from the second I read about 


Dangerous,volitile, posessive, alluring, but 

sweet, protective and endearing to the people that 

hold a place in his heart.

What more can a girl ask for.

Then there is Jasmine. Her character kept me 

continuously guessing. The things she does for her 

adopted sons is amazing.

What she did for Nina a stranger, to save her boys 

and protect a strangers family. What a woman.

On a character side note I cant wait to see what 

happens with Josh and Mira's characters. You can 

tell there is some kind of connection at first 

contact with eachother.

5 stars all the way

Three centuries ago, Devin Moore sacrificed his 

sanity to save his sister. Every day since is 

spent in a constant battle of wills with the three 

crazed cats--lion, tiger and jaguar--he houses. 

Keeping his shattered mind together has taken its 

toll, destroying any hope of having a family, but 

he can't turn his back on innocents in need.

When information on his pride's missing child 

reaches him, he rushes to bring her home. But the 

rescue mission goes horribly wrong. Lena, the 

human female who turns herself into bait in order 

to protect the little girl, is wounded and 

struggling to survive.

In a desperate act, he saves Lena. But it doesn't 

erase his past mistakes. And for a broken man 

who's finally offered hope, there's only one thing 

left to do--prove his worth. The only problem? 

He'll never be whole. Or sane. But maybe...just 

maybe...even the damned can find peace.

NOTE: The Royal Pride series is set in the same 

world as the Kagan Wolves series.

Oh What a wonderfull well written love/erotic 

mystery. The author did such an amazing job on 

building the characters during this book.

Devin is such a different unique character. Full f 

strength, lust and turmoil.

The fact he ends up injuring and then kidnapping 

his true mate, one whom he thought he neveer 

deserved to find is rather ironic.

Lena is so beautifully screwed up. Having gone 

through so much. Trying to keep both of her 

sisters safe in unspeakable odds. Having been 

repeatedly thrown into the shifter world, by some 

really obnoxiously annoying exs/shifteers.

Its a wonder she isnt as crazy as Devin.

I loved how they both fight it so much and she run 

away. Doesnt trust him but in the end, she 

finially gets it.Finially sees that he is her 

mate. That she isnt just his that he is hers as 

well. The true meaning of a mate.

Loved this book... a must read for anyone into 

sci-fi romances.

5 Stars

Forbidden is in the eye of the beholder. 

As a human living among shifters, Josh Conway is 

expected to abide by Pride law. But he’s never 

been very good at following rules. He’d rather 

make his own. The habit has gotten him in trouble 

over the years, but it’s all about the endgame. 

And this time he knows exactly what he wants--the 

gorgeous feline shifter who’s off-limits. 

Mira is his. He knew it the moment he looked into 

her eyes. Of course, convincing her of the truth 

involves overcoming a prophecy, her protective 

family, and the little issue of them being 

different species. No big deal. He’ll figure out a 

way to make it work. His mind is made up. He’s not 

letting his woman go. Ever.

A Multiple Shifter Paranormal Romance 

Just oh my lordy this is a must read for anybody 

that is into shifter/human romance or science 

fiction/fantasy novels.

It is full of love lust and the forbidden romance 

you can only dream of. FUll of action, adventure 

and romance.

Forced marriages/mating, law breaking, and love 

conquering all.

This is by far my absolute favorite in the shifter 

series. I love it to death.

Josh is by far my favorite of all the charicters 

in the shifter series. Hes a  human stuck in a 

world full of dominant shifters that can rip him 


OH that stubborn ass difficult Mira. She tries so 

hard to deny it.To deny wat she knows in her heart 

and soul. What her cats know. That josh is the one 

shes ment to be with.Forever.

This is just an utterly amazing well written 

novel. I cannot wait until this author releases 

the next novel in this shifter series.

5 Stars

A true romantic at heart, Nancy Corrigan is 

convinced there’s a knight in shining armor for 

every woman (or man), but you won’t find damsels 

in distress in her stories. She adores pairing 

alpha heroes with women strong enough to match 

them and bring them to their knees. She also 

enjoys flipping the traditional roles in romances 

because her motto is—love and people should never 

be forced to conform to anyone’s norm.
She holds a degree in chemistry and has worked in 

research but now focuses on ensuring quality. She 

considers it the perfect outlet for her as she’s 

the first to admit she has some OCD tendencies. It 

carries over into her writing life too. While 

engrossed in a novel, she has a habit of 

forgetting to eat and sleep. Fortunately, she’s 

married to her own knight in shining armor who 

understands her oddities and loves her anyway. 

They reside in Pennsylvania with their three 

children, dog, snake and guinea pigs. Her other 

interests include tattoos, animals, classic cars 

and all things spooky and sexy.

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