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REVIEW: Into His Command:The Cimarron Series By Angel Payne

Note: The Cimarron Series books can be read as stand-alones, though some readers might enjoy the continuity of secondary characters by reading the series in order. Every novel in the series is a complete story with a happy ending. Into His Command is Book 2 of the series. 

It's here! Book 2 of Angel Payne's sensual series, highly anticipated by reviewers and readers alike, is the emotional, unforgettable story of Samsyn Cimarron and Brooke Valen... 

A hero worshipped. 
Brooke Valen has resigned herself to a life of adoring Samsyn Cimarron from afar. The massive warrior has been her knight in shining armor since the night her family arrived on the island of Arcadia, forced to blend into the strange new land to avoid a terrorist’s bounty. Though Brooke has grown into a woman and devoted herself to earning Syn’s respect, she doubts he’ll ever see her as anything more than a scrawny teen with stars in her eyes. 

A prince scarred. 
To Samsyn Cimarron, true love is a concept best left to story books. Syn likes things he can control better, like the secrets he must keep to ensure his country’s security—and a long string of one-night lovers. But when Brooke is wounded helping to defend the kingdom, all his careful mandates are shattered—and fleeting passion with her doesn’t feel like enough. Brooke affects him like no other lover… 

A fate sealed. 
Suddenly, Arcadia’s security hinges on Samsyn and Brooke uniting as more than “friends with benefits”—much to Syn’s conflict. Can he fight the new sensations that come with having her all to himself? There’s a dark side of his desire—and exposing it may turn Brooke from him forever. 

A love realized? 
Though sharing a bed with the man of her dreams, Brooke has never felt more alone. Is the love in her soul strong enough to reach the beast in Syn’s, or will she have to prove her devotion by confronting Arcadia’s most vile enemy?

Oh so beautifully well written. This novel brings to life a modern Cinderella with war and assassins.

Its full of intrigue, sex, fighting, making up, mystery, and some very strange romance.

Samsyn is the Prince of Arcadia 2nd in line for the crown, Master of the royal army to protect his family.

Something he loves, He is all about control and keeping emotions at bay. Til his 21st birthday when he meets Brooke Valin, a refugee from America.

Brooke Valin, what a crazy little warrior. After meeting Samsyn she goes into training to go into his army. Loving him more than she ever realized she would.

One night together and she tries and tries to stay away, but Samsyn isn't helping her resolve.

This is a  crazy amazingly sexual love story. This book really threw me for a suprize. I haven't encountered any like this before. 

This author did an amazing job on this adding all the details and explanations of each character and what goes on with every-bodies lives involved in the kingdom.

I loved this book. Its a must read for anyone into action, fairy-tale, love and erotic novels.

5 Stars

Bestselling romance author Angel Payne has been reading and writing her entire life, though her love for romances began in junior high, when writing with friends on "swap stories" they'd trade between classes. Needless to say, those stories involved lots of angst, groping, drama, and French kissing.

She began getting a paycheck for her writing in her twenties, writing record reviews for a Beverly Hills-based dance music magazine. Some years, various entertainment industry gigs, and a number of years in the hospitality industry later, Angel returned to the thing she loves the most: creating character-based romantic fiction. Along the way, she also graduated with two degrees from Chapman University in Southern California, taking departmental honors for English, before writing five historical romances for Kensington and Bantam/Doubleday/Dell.

Angel found a true home in writing contemporary-based romances that feature high heat, memorable alpha men, and the women who tame them. She has numerous book series to her credit, including the Kinky Truth series, the Cimarron saga, the Secrets of Stone series (with Victoria Blue), and the popular W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series, as well as several stand-alone titles. The C Suite series launches in 2016.

Angel still lives in Southern California, where she is married to her soul mate and lives on a street that looks like Brigadoon, with their awesome daughter and Lady Claire, the dog with impeccable manners. When not writing, she enjoys reading, pop culture, alt rock, cute shoes, and hanging at the beach with family and friends.

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