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REVIEW:Enchantment of a Highlander (Book 3) By Madeline Martin

The sweeping historical romance that began with Deception of a Highlander, and continued with Possession of a Highlander, reaches its dazzling conclusion in this scorcher set on the Scottish plains.

Alec MacLean returns home after a decade to find his recently deceased father has let his inheritance fall to ruin. As the new laird, it’s Alec’s responsibility to rebuild the castle and restore the lands. He must also regain the people’s trust after having abandoned them so long ago, a feat not easily done when he fears he’s plagued with the same darkness as his father.

Celia escaped the North Berwick witch trials at a young age, surviving because of the sacrifice of her beloved caretaker. She’s made a life for herself in the wilds of Scotland where no laird rules, a life where she heals for coin, a life without love so she can never feel the hurt of loss again.

When the new laird comes back to claim his land, his determination to restore order threatens everything Celia has worked so hard to gain, especially with the undeniable attraction sizzling between them. Together, they will face all challenges, from the tangle of their own damaged pasts to the fire-fueled witch hunts sweeping the Isle of Mull. Together, they will find that the best way to overcome darkness and war is through the undeniable light of love. 

Book 3 in an absolutely amazing Scottish Romance Series. I was easily addicted to this novel and read it in a few days as I wasn't able to put it down.

Full of suprize, Plot turns, mixed with a taboo romance and a forbidden love.Darkness and the struggle within a man and a woman over what they want and what they should do. This was absolutely amazing.

I just fell in love with Alec, his hard headed feistyness, his manly sexiness,how he tries to save and protect Cecila at the risk of everything he has worked so hard for.Everything he does to win over Cecila. 

After reading these books I think I have gained a Scottish man interest. As they are written so wonderfully in this book. Ive gotten it in my head id love to meet one.

If you love historal romances with a supernatural twist and action to it you will love this and its definitely a must read for you.

I truly think this author should be on the best sellers list as she is an utterly amazing writer

5 stars



Madeline Martin lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her two daughters (AKA OldestMinion and YoungestMinion) along with their two cats: SketchyCat who stares at walls and eats fuzz and LapCat who has a shoe fetish and enjoys Kung Pow peanuts. All shenanigans are detailed regularly on Twitter.
Madeline graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Business Administration and works for corporate America. Her hobbies include rock climbing, running, doing crazy races (like Mud Runs and Color Runs) and just about anything exciting she can do without getting nauseous. She's also a history fan (really more of a full on history dork) and loves to blog about random curiosities from her research.
After living in Europe for over a decade, Madeline enjoys traveling overseas whenever she can. Her favorite place to visit thus far: Scotland.
Writing has been a passion of hers since she was a child and now she finally gets to see her lifelong dream come true with her first book, Deception of a Highlander to be released April 28, 2015 followed by Possession of a Highlander on August 11, 2015.

(1)What made you want to become a writer?

I’ve always been an avid reader and have had always had stories running through my mind as a result. But not just the ones I read. At a young age, I remember running through a garden singing (badly) little songs I’d made up, living a life I had completely invented in my mind. The older I got, the more that imagination morphed into full on stories.

(2)Why did you decide to start a book series about Scotland/Scottish people?

I have Diana Gabaldon to thank for this one. I’ve always been fascinated by Gaelic history, but her Outlander series really just made the Highlands come to life in a way that made me fall in love hard and fast. It melded into my thoughts and spiraled into the stories I put to paper (er…well…computer).

(3)Who was your favorite male character to write?

Alec from Enchantment of a Highlander. He was so incredibly tortured. His pain ran so deep, I felt like it threaded through me and really pulled me into a tighter connection with him. I loved seeing him be able to overcome his fear and his pain through Celia’s love.

(4)Who was your favorite female character to write?

Mariel from Deception of a Highlander. She was a spy and totally badass. I actually took Krav Maga classes when I wrote the book so I could understand what it felt like to do the moves and how to fight. It was so fun to apply that knowledge to my fight scenes and just let her really shine.  

(5)What authors influenced you to become a writer?

I’m going WAY back for this one – Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was my hero when I was kid. I read her Little House series dozens of times over and really dreamed of someday writing like her when I grew up.

(6)What kinds of books do you enjoy reading?

You’re probably going to laugh, but aside from romance, I love zombie apocalypse and YA dystopian books. I love grit and strife.

(7)What did you do to research the environment, dialect and country for this book?

I went to Scotland! J It was the most incredible trip where I got to visit Caisteal Camus where Deception of a Highlander took place and Edzell Castle where Possession of a Highlander took place. I didn’t get to see the ruins of Duart Castle from Enchantment of a Highlander, but was near enough the area to get a good feel for it. I toured castles and museums and was THAT tourist who had a million and one questions. I think I wrote nonstop the entire flight back to America. It was so inspiring!

(8)Who are your favorite Authors and why?

I have tons of favorite authors!! In the romance genre, I’ve always looked up to Monica McCarty and Margaret Mallory for years when I first fell in love with Scottish historicals. But I also love DJ Molles for zombie apocalypse and Alexandra Bracken for her incredible YA dystopian.

(9)What do you do when you aren't writing amazing novels?

Thank you for that I stay pretty busy. I work a full time job with corporate America. I also have two daughters (known collectively as the minions) and we have a lot of fun going places and being silly. When I’m not doing any of those things, I’m usually working out and trying to train for one upcoming race or another. My latest one is a 15K in March called the Gate River Run. And, because I don’t have enough to do, I’m also an active member of the First Coast Romance Writers and took on being president this year.

(10)What would you tell or suggest to anybody wanting to become a writer?

Never give up and don’t ever pay attention to those who don’t believe in you. I think it’s sad how some people don’t receive the support they deserve. Writing is a beautiful endeavor with a lot of incredible rewards. In my experience, those who begrudge it are suffering from a severe lack of their own personal confidence.

(11)Are you planning on any future books in this series?

Not in this series. Enchantment of a Highlander was the last one. But I am doing another series now called the Broken Dolls about a group of noble women who fall from the good graces of English court and are swept into a Scottish organization of all female spies.

(12)Can you tell us anything about any future books you are writing?

I’m just wrapping up the first of the Broken Dolls series (the name of the book is still undetermined). The hero, Connor Grant, is the trainer for the Broken Dolls and also the king’s personal assassin. The heroine, Ariana Fitzroy, was an orphaned earl’s daughter who got caught cheating at cards. Together they fight to reclaim the land Connor lost when his father was murdered.

(13)Would you like to tell your avid readers anything else before we are done?

THANK YOU!!! My readers are hands down my absolute favorite thing about being an author. I’ve gotten to know so many through Facebook and Twitter and have found it all such a rewarding experience. So many readers have used their precious quiet time to read my books and have even taken the time to write out reviews and tell their friends about my books. I truly appreciate all of it so much. I'm including my social media information for anyone who would like to follow me or like my pages. I always love hearing from readers :) 

Twitter: @MadelineMMartin

 Thank you so, so much again for doing this, Amber!! :) 

~Madeline Martin

Heating up the Highlands
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