Wednesday, January 20, 2016

REVIEW & AUTHOR Q AND A: Preferred Rewards By Michael Patrick Lewis

Troy has a problem: he likes a girl whose best friend likes him. Should he take the marshmallow in front of him, or wait for the Preferred Reward?

This was an amazingly well written novel. It was full of wonderful philosophical bits here and there. I enjoyed it so much I read it in a few days.

I love how it is in a man's persepective the entire book. Its definitely something new for a romance novel to have it in a mans point of view. 

Troy is the character i honestly feel horribly bad for. He struggles with what he has done and it tears him apart. Somehow he cant bring himself to hurt the one he loves with the truth. But the lies are killing him.

He makes some collasial mistakes but I still cant help but feel bad for him

Gina oh boy I definitely think she is just like me geeky and tomboyish with a bad temper. Hahah I love her character and how she does what she needs to when she finds out the truth about her boyfriend and best friend. 

How she walks away from the aweful situation even though you know its killing her to do so.

Then there is Carrie. Oh how I truly want to murder this girl. I despise her. She manipulated everybody from the begining of the book until the very bitter end.

The ending was so sad to me. I so wanted her to take him back and they could live happily together. I wanted Troy to get his happy ending. Hopes of a hopeless romantic.

All and all I loved this book. 

If you enjoy erotic romance novels with some drama this is a must read.

5 stars all the way

1.What made you write this specific kind of novel?
I found this publisher in romance/erotica, who was looking for authors. At the time, I had never even read romance or erotica before, so I had no idea what was supposed to go in it. It seemed like an interesting challenge, so I figured, 'why not?' 

2.Who are your favorite Authors?
George Orwell (most favorite), Maya Angelou, George RR Martin, Toni Morrison, Shakespeare, David Sedaris, see if you can find a pattern there.

3.What made you want to become an Author/writer?
I'm actually trying to cut down. I'm down to about four pages a day, you know, just trying to take it one day at a time, you know? 
I can quit any time I want.

4.What influences did you have that made you want to write an erotic romance like this?
It started with the constraint of an erotica of a given length. I absolutely did NOT want 'some plot thrown in to glue the sex together,' and so I thought about how I could use the depiction of sex to illustrate the condition of the relationship. 

5.Who do you feel for character wise out of this book?
All of them. Seriously. I put a piece of myself into all of my characters. That’s how I know what motivates them. 

6.What do you do outside of writing amazing novels?
I teach math. I also change diapers and clean peepee off the floor.

7.Will there be more in this series with these characters?
I have thought about it, and I don't think it would be fair to have her take him back. I think she might forgive him, but at the same time, loving someone often involves giving them room to learn from their mistakes. 

8.What is your favorite kind of books to read in your spare time?
Anything that grabs me. I'm a very finicky reader, too. If I don't like something within the first few pages, I don't pick it up again. 

9.What would you like to tell any of you avid readers?
Just wait until you see what I'm cooking up next ;)

10.Why did you choose such a sad heart wrenching ending?
It was the most natural conclusion to the story. I want to build my audience's expectations of my work such that the threat of a not-so-happy ending makes the happy endings a bazillion times sweeter.

11.What advice would you suggest to any aspiring author?
Still working on that. I can give you three rules that I have figured out, though:
1. Learn the difference between writing books and selling books. My first work barely sold enough to buy a cup of coffee. You have NO IDEA how much time and effort goes into getting your work out there, and it still might come to naught.
2. Improve your craft. You have to learn how to communicate with your audience. Fresh writers often think their stuff is just so amazing, and then are puzzled why the reader disagrees.
3. Respect the medium. Noobs often write as though they're watching a movie. It never works. You wouldn’t use oil techniques with water color, neither would you use water color techniques with oil. Movies and books are different mediums. If you're writing a book, think about the unique advantages of the medium, and use them.

12.How many novels have you written in total?
So far, I have two novellas: Preferred Rewards (which you just read), and Shines Before You, the first in a series that takes place in a future where global super-corporations pick at the carcass of society for the tasty bits. My other work is the epic-length Edge of God, a complex tale of redemption, of moving forward, and of finding the value of one's self. So far, that's it.
My next one is a struggle to keep your humanity in a world that punishes you for doing the right thing. 

13.I was very surprised by this novel and that it was written by a man.What made you write this type of novel?
I like to explore the human condition - this disease called life that we all seem to be inflicted with. Where is the balance between enjoying the pleasures that existence has to offer, and suffering from the consequences of that pleasure? 

14.What inspires you?
I see inspiration everywhere I go. Everything is a metaphor. Everything is connected, and anything can be expanded into a broader context.
The Golden Eagle is a magnificent bird. You look at one on paper, and it's pretty. By the numbers, it's large. But sitting in the mountains of California, listening to the wind while the cool breeze dips its delectable fingers into you amid the hot summer sun, and watching as this glorious, bronze animal sails merely a few feet over your head is an experience unto itself. 
Now write about what it feels like to experience something that no pictures or definitions can express.

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