Friday, January 1, 2016

1/1 BOOK REVIEW: Storm by Kate Palmer

Western Hearts Series Book 2
By Kate Palmer

A woman rancher struggles to save her ranch, but it’s her heart she’s most in danger of losing. Storm’s ranch is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy after cattle rustlers strike. When her part-time ranch hand dies under suspicious circumstances, two neighboring ranchers step in to help. In jeopardy of losing the only place that’s ever felt like home, who can she trust with her heart?

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Storm, a fiercly independant woman, struggles to keep her ranch from going under. The ranch is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy after cattle rustlers strike. The tension and suspense mounts as her ranch hand dies under suspicious circumstances. Two neighboring ranchers step up to help Storm unravel the mystery and save her ranch but will she end up losing her heart?

Storm's author Kate Palmer has created a story with a superbly detailed setting, climatic plot, a strong heroine and a beautiful natural building of mystery and intrigue. A budding romance entangled with a suspenseful mystery.

Overall a captivating and relishable read. I am looking forward to more from Kate Palmer.

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Western Heart Series
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Snowed Inn 
Western Hearts Series
Volume 1
By Kate Palmer

A woman rancher hitches the community’s dreams to her sleigh ride business and ropes in a heap of trouble for them and her heart.Jayne Gardner turned her family’s ranch into the successful Snowed Inn Lodge and Restaurant. After she learns the community has one month to earn funds needed for a grant, she donates her company’s sleigh rides for a community fundraiser.When Jayne’s new volunteer sleigh driver turns out to be Forrest Hunsaker, the man who left her three years ago, Jayne sets up three rules to maintain a professional distance and protect her heart.When vandals strike Snowed Inn, Jayne must team up with Forrest to prevent a fundraiser fail.  Now Jayne must decide if breaking all her rules will break her heart. 

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Kate Palmer believes in wholesome entertainment. Her books explore characters undergoing tough situations without compromising standards or becoming bitter. She likes the rush of emotions romantic suspense creates and strives to keep it clean. Her love of farm and ranch life shines through her Women of the West Series
Kate is the mother of six learning to live in the country surrounded by in-laws. She's been married to the amazing Nate Palmer for 18 years; he is teaching her how to be a farm girl. In her spare time (okay--time she tries really hard to set aside), she likes to write.

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