Thursday, October 29, 2015

REVIEW: Shaping Destiny By Heather Monroe

Nineteen-year-old Leah Hawk must finish a war that started one hundred years ago . . . but she can't do it alone. When Leah leaves the comfort of her overprotective parents' home and of her small hometown for the first time, she heads to college with her longtime boyfriend, Jared. From the day she gets there she repeatedly notices a man watching from afar. The feelings from their brief contacts are not only scary and conflicting, but they also always leave her with an unexplainable feeling of longing to be with him. Between the supernatural pull that this mystery man has on her, her boyfriend's jealousy, and the attacks from the revengeful Spark family, Leah feels a little overwhelmed. On top of all of it, she must learn to accept the fact that she is the only living shape-shifter in her family. With the strength of her true love, who is the key to her gift of shift, she will embrace her destiny. When the war comes knocking on her front door she doesn't back down, not until blackness consumes her.

 I really enjoyed this book. I love how it starts out all normal. They are just a cute couple going off to college. Nothing supernatural there right? No you are definitely wrong in that account.
Leah is definitely an amazing main character right off the bat. Sensing things with that man that could interfere with her relationship with her hs sweetheart. What if this new guy is her soul mate.
What she goes through dealing with these crazy feelings and all the changes she goes through during it.

HEATHER MONROE is a self-published author of New Adult / paranormal / romance. She also has book ideas for fantasy and science fiction genre's, but will always contain romance. She has written Shaping Destiny, and is currently working on a second book, Concealed By Fear. Heather has a husband and four children. She has her own business in dog grooming, and in her spare time she is on her computer lost in imagination.

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