Thursday, October 1, 2015

REVIEW: Mail Order Bride: SUMMER'S FURY (Pioneer Wilderness Book 1) by Katie Wyatt

It’s 1851 and love is starting to blossom in this faraway corner of Wyoming!
In this much loved series, empowered women risk it all to rise above their desperate circumstances, find true love! 

Meet Summer, she lost the only family she had and with no work to be found for her in Pennsylvania, her meager savings almost finished; she finds herself traveling for three weeks by train to the tiny town of Laramie to marry the local US Marshal whom she has never met. 

She meets Martha, an older woman who is a successfully married mail order bride. She shares a secret that could change everything. Will Mr. Beauregard Kearny be all that he seems? Will he find it in his heart to forgive her when he finds out the secret she’s been hiding? Can Summer rise above her misfortune and find true love and happiness? Will they survive what mother nature has in store for them?

Mail order bride Summer Percy's captivating story unfolds seamlessly as she begins her journey on a train steaming west to meet her enigmatic husband to be, Mr. Beauregard Kearns. With the advice bestowed upon her by a kindly older woman she must muster her inner strength and perseverance to overcome her past, hidden by dark secrets and omissions and embrace her new life with honesty and an open heart.

The author, Katie Wyatt, chose her own unique course in the telling of this clean romance story. The unfolding of this story will capture and hold your attention and take you for a dramtic ride. 

Although a short story, the author affords intriguing characters and a fast paced, climatic plot creating a touching and enjoyable read. I am looking forward to the next book in the Pioneer Wilderness Series: Rayne's Meadow!

Katie Wyatt is Arizona born and raised. 25% American Sioux Indian. She has traveled and camped extensively through California, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, and New Mexico. Looking at the incredible night sky and the giant Saguaro cactus she has dreamt of what it would be like to have lived in the early pioneer times. 

She has spent time with the great -grandson of Wyatt Earp. Mesmerized by the stories he would tell of his great-grandfather times and events. This historical interest in the old West is the inspiration for her Western romance novels. Her books are a mixture of actual historical facts and events and sometimes people mixed with action and humor , challenges and adventures.

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Want more?

PIONEER WILDERNESS ROMANCE Book two is available now!

Rayne's Meadow
(Pioneer Wilderness Book 2)
by Katie Wyatt

Meet Rayne, she ain’t getting any younger, and its slim pickings for eligible men in her tiny Wisconsin town of Taylor Falls. Her sense of adventure, and encouragement by very last family member, compels her to go out West and seek love. 

She travels two weeks by train and three days by bouncy stagecoach leaving her bruised and battered. She arrives in newly built Bozeman with plans to marry the local veterinarian that she has never laid eyes on. 

What is it that Wyatt Earp’s brother told Rayne that shakes her trust in her fiancee and their love before it even starts? Why didn’t he tell her? Will she find it in her heart to get over the secret about him that she discovered? Will Mr. Joseph Hunter be all that he seems? Can she find true love and happiness in these Montana Meadows? Mother nature can be cruel, will they be able to survive what is coming their way? 



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