Tuesday, June 16, 2015

REVIEW: My Stranger (Book 1) By Lola White

A dark erotic tale of lust and lies, and a truth more dangerous than the ecstasy she discovers in her stranger’s bed...

My girlfriend wanted me to have one last fling with a man before we took our relationship to the next level. When my stranger stole me away and gave me pleasure beyond anything I’d ever known, I thought it was all her idea. But my stranger wasn’t what I thought he was.

AJ isn’t ashamed to admit she’s a lover of many things—men, women and various combinations thereof. She’s a free spirit with a rough past that left her with a need to be taken care of, in spite of her trust issues. For the first time in her life, AJ is ready to commit to one person, but her girlfriend isn’t certain that AJ can be faithful and suggests one last fling to make sure she’s ready for a future together.

When AJ feels a man’s strong arms wrap around her in the dark, and hears her girlfriend’s pet name for her fall from his lips, she willingly submits to her stranger—and only finds out how dangerous he is after it’s too late to stop her addiction to the pleasure he gives her.

Warning: This story is dark erotica and contains situations that may be uncomfortable for certain readers, including Stockholm Syndrome, minor knife play, bondage, anal sex and fisting.

This book was very different from my usual books I read. It was different and very well written. If you are into the kinky side of sex this is definately for you. Definitely not for a more vanilla  crowd for sure.
  I really loved Sam's character, she guarded yet trying to give AJ what she wants. She tries so hard it kills her and almost AJ sadly. AJ is a bad girl turned good for the woman she loves. She tries so  hard to settle down with her and Sam wounds her with her ideas.
  A crazy wild insane story
4 Stars


I write what I write, which is erotic fiction. Sometimes horror, sometimes paranormal, sometimes romance. It’s all sexy, and hopefully not predictable because I like to twist reality at its edges in my story. I like delving into the emotions of my characters, I like finding their strengths and weaknesses, and I like to see and show how they get themselves out of whatever trouble has found them. But sometimes, they can’t, and there is no happy ending. Don’t try to label my collection of tales beyond the most basic description, EROTICA, because I write whatever story comes to mind, whatever speaks to me. Take a look around, I think you’ll find something that speaks to you, too.

Lola White is the author of Demon's Bond, Monster's Chains and Ties of Family, her psychic trilogy, as well as several short stories. She's currently working on two other series and making copious notes on all the plots racing through her imagination.


  1. Thank you so much for helping me spread the word about My Stranger, as well as taking the time to review!

  2. of course it was a really wonderful book i liked it.