Monday, January 12, 2015

Review: Corrupted Hearts By J.E. Keep, M. Keep

Corrupted Hearts
J.E. Keep, M. Keep
Publication date: September 8th 2014
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

After all, even demons deserve a chance at love.

With her angelic wings and his demonic horns they were never meant to come together. But his red eyes trap her and her seductive wings lure him. Their hot demon blood clashes. What starts as one night of carnal pleasure turns into an adventure of epic portions.

Shades of Dungeons and Dragons twisted in wicked ways

Within days of meeting Lilah and Glaurakos fall across the path of an evil sorceress who traps them in a strange and dangerous “other world” The threats in the new world are perilous, yet their lust for each other is far more frightening. Will their bond be strong enough to make it out alive?

Against all odds of the damned, can love grow between two half demons?

This fantasy novel is a twisted romance at its core inspired by Dungeons and Dragons/Forgotten Realms, by best selling Paranormal Romance authors J.E. & M. Keep.

 Lilah and Glaurakos had a very unique meeting. They both have been captured by humans. Glaurakos has a plan to get out and help them but Lilah has to trust him.
How are a Demon and an Angel supposed to make it work? It can't but they can not deny how they feel. So soon after they meet they get pulled into a trap by an evil sorceress. This trap sends them to another world and a whole new st of dangers. Now it's their lives and hearts on the line.
So this was an awesome book. I never read to many angel books because they always seem to unable to take care of themselves. Not only are both these characters strong their chemistry is amazing. I loved reading this book and you will to!

I really enjoyed reading this hot erotic demon story about two inhuman slave come together and change them. If your a fan of j.e. keep and M. You will love this story. If your new, to dark erotic, a good book to start with.

 Beautifully written, great story . Couldnt put it down myself. 5 Stars

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