Monday, December 15, 2014

Review: Purgatory Origins: Power Of Darkness By Darryl Olsen

When Professor Harrison Standish, a bookish young archeologist

inadvertently stumbles upon an ancient burial chamber in Egypt, he is

baffled to find symbolism inside that would appear to date from two

different historical periods, thousands of years apart. Suspecting the tomb

had been tampered with at some point in the distant past, Professor

Standish soon discovers the skeletons of ten half-human/half-canine

creatures lying in a far corner of the chamber and his initial bafflement

now turns to shock. What kind of ancient madman would be conducting

such a horrific experiment?

As Dr. Standish endeavors to explain this mystery over the ensuing days,

he happens upon a news report, suggesting that these same grotesque,

half-human/half-canine creatures have come to life in the remote

mountains of Wyoming and he is immediately on the next flight. By the

time he arrives in Wyoming, a World War II Nazi bomber has

materialized out of the sky and crashed off the coast of France and a Nazi

general named Schmitz has stumbled into the 21st century, leaving behind

evidence of his presence in Professor Standish's ancient burial chamber

back in Egypt, all of which sets the stage for a rollicking, nonstop, modern

day fantasy/sci-fi adventure.

The cast of characters in Purgatory: Origins includes Rachael, a pesky,

auburn haired New York magazine correspondent, who is known equally

for her ability to sink her teeth into a story and her unwillingness to let it

go, Jason Kendall, an escaped rapist and killer who falls hard for Rachael

when they cross paths and turns out to have a past with our half human

creatures, and Harper, the ex-special forces FBI agent, whose primary goal

is finding Jason Kendall, getting him back behind bars and keeping him

there for the rest of his life but soon finds himself sucked into this

mystery woven of ancient symbolism, old Nazi war criminals and

otherworldly creatures.

I just finished reading Purgatory Origins: Powers of Darkness because I

was looking for a change of pace from non-ficiton. I recommend this book

if you enjoy science fiction with a interesting twist to it.

I've been reading a lot of WWII nonfiction. So I'm well informed but here I

get the WWII story wrapped in adventure/travel fictional book harkening

back to Raiders of the Lost Ark. I like this combination. The book is well

written and the characters are developed in such a way that I couldn't

help but be invested. The book isn't predictable. That sort of writing and

storytelling keeps me interested. Also, this isn't a terribly long book. You'll

enjoy this.

I like how there's something for everyone in this book - from time-

travelling nazis to dog-headed monsters. There's a lot going on in this

book and at not time, is it overwhelming or confusing. This book is

engrossing and encourages me to look for more books from the author,

Darryl Olsen.

Darryl Olsen is a Sydney based author of titles including Purgatory

Soldiers of Misfortune, Children of the Gods and Purgatory Origins

Powers of Darkness. Darryl was first introduced to the world of fiction

whilst schooling on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. After a short

period of school Darryl Olsen found his true calling in life as he enlisted

in the Australian Army.
For more information about Darryl and his upcoming books please go to or you can contact him on

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