Wednesday, September 7, 2016

REVIEW: Broken Slave (Bound In Bloodlust Book Two) By Savannah Hill

A fire raging in the blood... 

**This story can be read as a standalone** 

A hard-working, small-town waitress, Macy has 

never desired a man as intensely as the one who 

just walked into her bar. But this captivating 

stranger is not just any man. He's not, in fact, 

even human. 

A member of the bloodling race, his name is 

Nathan—but once he was called “Britton.” From an 

early age he was the abused slave-pet of a cruel 

child of privilege, forced to do his mistress’ 

evil bidding against those of his own kind. For 

years violence, depravity, and submission were all 

he knew, thanks to the human monster who corrupted 

his soul. But ultimately he broke free. 

For the first time in a life filled with shadows, 

Nathan understands the pure power of this emotion 

called love. And though Macy fears the volatile 

world he inhabits, she is helpless to resist him. 

But now the sins of Nathan’s past are returning 

with a vengeance…and his enemies are back for 


Editorial Reviews: 
The second book of Savannah Hill’s sensational 

Bound in Bloodlust series, Broken Slave returns 

readers to a realm of darkness and desire where 

humans hold sway over a benign race of vampire 

“bloodlings.” Taking paranormal romance to new 

heights of breathtaking sensuality, Hill joins 

Kelley Armstrong, J.R. Ward, Nalini Singh, and 

other masters of the genre as she brings the 

alternate world she created in Unchained Love into 

even sharper focus. A story of obsession, 

redemption, and erotic dreams, Hill spins the 

enthralling tale of a small town bar waitress 

whose destiny is to be forever joined with a 

magnificent male bloodling damaged by years of 

cruelty and forced to perform terrible acts, and 

of the passion that saves them both. 

OH what a naughty erotic novel. The author 

approached me to review this for her and when I 

read what it was about I was very excited to read 

it. The synopsis alone sounded exhilerating.

I read this in a day because I was emedietely 

hooked to this unique story. Bloodlings are an 

interesting creature. Full of passion and 

aggression like a werewolf but full of bloodlust 

and erotica like a vampire . They dont turn into 

animals or require to drink blood. Its so very 

interesting to read about.

Oh dear sweet Macy aka Mace. What a sweet kind 

natured woman with a curious streak to her. Shes 

definitely attracted to bad boys. 

Then there is poor Nathan, Macy knows more than he 

wants her to of his past. Staying away from her 

proves to be something he cannot do.

They are complete opposites but this perfectly 

cute adorable ass couple. I just love them so 


This boook is full of erotic naughty sex. Just a 


5 stars

Savannah Hill writes erotic romance and has a 

weakness for cupcakes and possessive book heroes. 

She loves tattooed alpha males with dark pasts and 

deep scars that can only be healed by true love.

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