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REVIEW: Narine of Noe (Faerie Tales from the White Forest #4) by Danika Dinsmore

Narine of Noe (Faerie Tales from the White Forest  #4)
by Danika Dinsmore

Narine of Noe should have had her whole life to 

train to take her father's place as High Sage. But 

when a mysterious force falls from the skies, 

sending the world into elemental chaos, the fate 

of every living being lands on her shoulders . . . 

even that of the Eternal Dragon. Without the 

Dragon to maintain the Balance of All Things, an 

elaborate plan to save Faweh must be hatched, and 

Narine is forced to take charge in a world gone 


Before the White Forest was born, before the Great 

World Cry, the story that started it all ...

Narine of Noe (Faerie Tales from the White Forest 

#4) by Danika Dinsmore is a fantasy book that is 

hard to describe. It has so much in it and it is 

all wonderful. It has so many creatures, 

adventures, mysterious forces, evil, and a girl 

that has to grow up before her time. Although 

there is so many new creatures, the author blends 

them together to make it work and introduces them 

in a way that makes sense.

Narine of Noe is a fantasy book for young adults, 

or rather, young teens and tweens. Anyway, its 

cast of characters is nonhuman. Instead, they’re 

all fairies. 

The more I read fantasy novels the more I love 

them. The intricate world that the author builds 

is so enchanting and addictive. I was sucked in 

within the first ten pages and had trouble putting 

it down. 

Narine is a great character with a lot of depth 

and pull for the reader to connect with. I loved 

her and female protagonist are the best!

 Fantasy lovers must not pass this book up!

4 Stars

Books in this series!!!

Danika currently works and plays in speculative 

fiction with an emphasis on juvenile and young 

adult literature. She is author of several books 

of poetry, a spokenword CD, and the Faerie Tales 

from the White Forest middle grade fantasy series. 

Released in the series so far are: Brigitta of the 

White Forest, The Ruins of Noe, Ondelle of Grioth, 

and the prequel Narine of Noe. She also writes 

short stories that blur the lines between 

speculative and literary fiction.

A seasoned spokenword artist, Danika has performed 

at hundreds of events such as Faerieworlds in 

Eugene, OR and Bumbershoot in Seattle, WA. She 

lives in British Columbia and teaches creative 

writing and world-building as a visiting writer in 

the schools and at festivals and conferences 

across North America. 

She neglects her blog at danikadinsmore.com

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