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REVIEW: Plush (A Billionaire Romance) Book 1, 2, and 3 By K.B. Winters

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Allison Rand is a hot little barista struggling to make rent. The sassy firecracker is not afraid to take chances - except when it comes to her heart. She moved from her sleepy small town beginnings, to chase her dreams in the City of Angels.
When her best frappe friend offers her the job of a lifetime, she jumps in - with both feet. Right into the arms of Billionaire Cooper Brighton. He's tall, handsome, and totally out of her league - or so she thinks.
Billionaire playboy, and CEO of Brighton Enterprises, Cooper Brighton, was thrown into the business after tragedy strikes. He's adjusting as fast as he can, but his new position of power leaves him lonely and haunted by his own demons.
Allie and Cooper are both keeping secrets. As they continue to cross paths, will their secrets bring them closer together, or ultimately become the thing that tears them apart?
Find out now in the third and final installment of Plush - A Billionaire Romance
The Plush Series is intended for a mature audience, 18+ only.

This was very intriguing start to the story. The main character is a very complex man. Hiding some hidden seret and pain by using women and sleepi9ng with almst everything that comes along.Hes so busy and stressed with running all of his fathers companies that sex is his only real outlet. But he sees this woman that starts to change everything for him. 
 She is pulling him back into seeing her even though he knows it is a very bad idea with his past history. But somehow he needs her.
loved it 5 stars.

I was so severely hooked to this book that i read it in two hours. It was amazing. Absolutely loved it. The story, plot, characters everything about it.
 Allie is so very amazing and strong. I cried while I read what happened to her with her ex.I felt very close to her character personally with this past of hers.
 Poor poor Cooper he bears his soul and all I wanted was her to just fall for him let her guard down and stop being so obnoxious to his sweetness.

5 stars.


God what a whirlwind this story is becoming. THe razy twists and turns with suprizes and emotions. And the SECRETS. Just a few hours and I was done with this book I was that hooked to the story.Such heat and passion unfolds in the few weekends of sex and passion between these two characters.
 The storyline flows so beautifully as all the characters start to unfold amazingly.This author is absolutly amazing with her writing style.
 God cooper's character just keeps unfolding into this amazing guy who isnt the jackass that Allie origionally thought he was. He is sweet caring and gets her out of this aweful situation that she found herself in. But all she can see is her crazy jealousy.Coping with his playboy side plus dealing with her past issues with men is causing so many rifts in their whirlwind relationship.
5 stars.

Oh lordy. I just dont have words for this conclussion to the series.Such twists and turns in the story line. I was on the edge of my seat as all of this unfolded. It was crazy watching Allie and Cooper both become jealous and crazy and reading how they fall apart and yet are magically drawn back to eachother.
 They cant stay away. I just love their characters both.But that Bryce and Clay ugh. I hate their characters. They so need to get whats coming to them.
 Great amazing plot and storyline. I adore this bok series and I hope there are more to come.
5 stars

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KB Winters is the author of the brand new Billionaire Romance Series, Plush. She has an addiction to caffeine and hard-bodied alpha males. The men in her books are very sexy, protective and sometimes bossy, her ladies are...well...bossier! Living in sunny Southern California, this hopeless romantic writes every chance she gets!
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